Thursday 24 December 2015 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
No. 6  
Lugubrum   Intro/Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean Skramasax
7:04pm Susvourtre   Piggy Shaved Pussy Demo 1996
Susvourtre   Punisher - Deflowered Demo 1996
7:14pm Darkthrone   Running For Borders Circle the Wagons Peaceville
7:21pm Sombre Chemin   Ragnarok (Dans Les Ruines De Berlin) Sombre Chemin/Ornaments Of Sin: Durch Ruinen Und D?stere Kri Sabbath's Fire
7:25pm Swamp Horse   Reflections of a Life Wasted Frozen In Time Black Horizons
7:43pm Lyrinx   Tides Of Self Destruction Nihilistic Purity Insidious Poisoning
7:45pm Abjection Ritual   Entropic Embrace Futility Rites Malignant Records
German Army Chorus
7:51pm Black Fucking Cancer   Exit Wounds Summoning Aural Hell Self-release
7:56pm Ghoul   Tomb After Tomb We Came For the Dead Tankcrimes
8:06pm Infinitely Wipes???  
8:06pm Atrum Inritus   Tenebris Descendit Prognatus In Vorago Altar of The Dead
8:06pm Atrum Inritus   The Chains That Bind Prognatus In Vorago Altar of The Dead
8:06pm Azrael   Untitled 1 Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse Moribund
8:06pm Augurs   -5 Demo 2012 Hash Crimes Dispensary
8:23pm Brobdingnagian   Excuse Me, I Need to Speak to You Backpfelfengesicht Self Release
8:28pm Vanhelgd   Dead..but Still Alive Cult of Lazarus Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:38pm Lotus Thief   Aeternum Rerum Svart Records
8:57pm Aura Noir   Caged Wrath Live Nightmare On Elm Street Oxidizedrazorex
8:57pm Indian Summer   Untitled Science 1994 Futurerecordings
8:58pm Aura Noir   Heavens On Fire Live Nightmare On Elm Street Oxidizedrazorex
9:03pm warcult   anti-human/anti-life split with oni
9:08pm [coll]: Siberia/The Better to See You With   siberia track 2/3 Siberia / The Better to See You With
9:00pm Indian Summer   Orchard Science 1994 Futurerecordings
9:17pm Indian Summer   Sugar Pill Science 1994 Futurerecordings
9:17pm Atriarch   Shadows (live) Atriarch Demo EP self
9:17pm Asbestosdeath   Nail Dejection EP Profane Existence
9:23pm Valkyrie Rodeo   Dark Knight Tandaan Nillacat
9:32pm Colour Buk   I Am a Philosopher Licht Dinger Wir Wollen Wulle
9:43pm Angelblood   Fire in the Mountain Labia Minora Captain Trip
9:48pm Demonomancy   Feast of Blood - The Obscurity Mass Throne of Demonic Proselytism Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:54pm Catheter   Sit On This Dimension 303 Selfmadegod
9:55pm side cut;ery   cut god out nunslaughter hells headbangers
9:55pm slayer   abolish government silent majority split with tsol
9:43pm Angelblood   Martyrdom of Despair Labia Minora Captain Trip
10:03pm Catheter   Outro Dimension 303 Selfmadegod
10:03pm pestilential shadows   depths depths seancerecords
10:09pm Ludicra   Collapse Fex Urbis Lex Orbis Alternative Tentacles
10:22pm HONEY666BEAR   nogod/nomasters/smokeweed
10:22pm SLayerrrrrrr   parking lot
10:26pm Grave Upheaval   Untitled 2 ? Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:30pm Dragged Into Sunlight   Volcanic Birth Hatred For Mankind Mordgrimm
10:33pm Possessed   Twisted Minds Seven Churches Combat Records
10:40pm Anal Cunt   No, We Don't Want to Do a Split Seven I Like It When You Die Earache Records
10:40pm Defecation   Side Effects Purity Dilution Nuclear Blast
10:42pm Iron Monkey   666 Pack Iron Monkey Earache Records
10:54pm Andrzej Korzynski   Track 6 Diabel Soundtrack (1972) Dolor Del Estamago
11:07pm Hell   All Tracks Untitled Hell Pesanta Urfolk
11:16pm Nortt   Glemt Nortt / Xasthur Southern Lord Recordings
11:32pm Heavy Metla Parking Lot   Judas Priest 86
11:34pm Hirax   Suicide Raging Violence Engram Records
11:37pm Samhain   Moribund Unholy Passion Plan 9
11:41pm Crowley. Aleister   The Call of The First Aethyr(Enochian) Voice of The Great Beast White Label
11:42pm Agents of Satan   Pusher Old Testament, The Intolerant Messiah
11:43pm Evil Wrath   Fuck The USA Pagan Rites/Evil Wrath Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:47pm Agoraphobic Nosebleed   The House of Feasting Honky Reduction Relapse Records
11:48pm Godstomper   No One Knows I'm Emo Godstomper/Fuck on Thh Get the Axe Records
11:49pm Grief   No Choice Grief/Suppression Bovine
11:54pm the sun is shining red Hiter's Inferno
12:03am Tukaaria   Raw to The Rapine Raw to The Rapine Profound Lore
12:09am Celtic Frost   Visions Fo Mortality Morbid Tales Hymen Records
12:15am Corrupted   Mi Pueblo Grief/Corrupted H.G. Fact
12:22am GG ALLIN   Tough FUcking SHit
12:23am Candlemass   Bewitched Nightfall Hymen Records
12:52am Hellhammer   Triumph of Death Apocalyptic Raids Hymen Records
1:04am Saint Vitus   Dragon Time Mournful Cries SST Records
1:09am Pagan Alter   Rising of the Dark Lord
1:18am Witchfinder General   RIP
1:22am Bongripper   untitled Satan Worshipping Doom
1:51am corrupted + asunder  
No. 6  
Destroying of 2000 bullets
2:04am G.G. Allin & the Murder Junki   Expose Yourself to Kids Terror in America Alive Records
2:07am Brujeria   Hechando Chingasos Raza Odiada Roadrunner Records
2:10am Asesino   Rey De La Selva Corridos De Muerte Kool Arrow
2:13am Morbosidad   Culto a la Muerte NWN! NWN!
2:19am Enbilulugugal   SerpentGoat King Rites Ov The Blakk Goat Ov The Woods With A Thousand Young.. Dipsomaniac
2:03am Brainbombs   Anal Desire Obey Igloo
2:24am Gnashing of Teeth   Sea Of Broken Children Rites Ov The Blakk Goat Ov The Woods With A Thousand Young.. Dipsomaniac
2:31am Dna Evol   Wrath of Oggwh (The Kvlt Pig Rider) HAIL THE BLACK NOISE!!!! Dipsomaniac Records
2:32am Hagor   Life In Death Ascending Demonic Spirits Nutzz Recordzz, The
2:36am Abysmal Grief   Hidden In the Graveyard Feretri Terror From Hell
2:44am Bethlehem   Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt Dictius Te Necare Red Stream
2:49am Peste Noire   Aryan Supremacy Mors Orbis Terrarum
2:59am Peste Noire   Memoire paienne Mors Orbis Terrarum
3:03am Peste Noire   Retour de Flamme Mors Orbis Terrarum
3:05am Aleister Crowley   Call of First Aethyr-Enochia Hastings Archives, the Mesmer Detector
3:06am Harassor   program a The Bunny Game Rising Beast
3:18am Ugluk   Ar Var Alda Under The Banner Of Hate / Hveralundr Ugluk Rex
3:24am Arrival of Satan   Tragic Awakening Vexed Verses Black Hate
3:28am Turbund Sturmwerk   Reunification V/A Juche DPRK
3:34am The First Christmas The Children's Bible In Sound and Pictures Peter Pan
3:35am Operation Cleansweep   Son of Man V/A Juche DPRK
3:37am The Three Wise Men The Children's Bible In Sound and Pictures Peter Pan
3:39am Con-Dom   Leader V/A Juche DPRK
3:40am The Good Samaritan The Children's Bible In Sound and Pictures
3:45am The Prodigal Son The Children's Bible In Sound and Pictures
3:47am The Crucifixion The Children's Bible In Sound and Pictures
Genocide Organ   Tears of My Soul V/A Juche
3:54am Lycus   Coma Burn Tempest 20 Buck Spin
Hemroid The Leader  
4:05am The Master Musicians of Jajouka With Bachir Attar   Joal Fibladijoal Live Volume 1 Jajouka
4:06am Canakkaleli, Misir, Gebzeli & Bahriyeli   Azhan (Calling to Prayer) Sacred Koran: Islamic Chants of The Ottoman, The Jvc Musical Industries
4:11am Black Boned Angel   Prayer Sodden Holes Verdun Riot Season
4:16am NAVAJO-Lukachukai   Squaw Dance Indian Music of the Southwest Folkways Records and Service Corp.
4:18am Earth   Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine Earth 2 Sub Pop Records
4:20am Lama Karta   Offering Song Tibetan Chants - Buddhist Medi Milan
4:24am Gog   Hovering Lake Noriah Mills Sounds of Battle
4:30am Gog   Noriah Mills Noriah Mills Sounds of Battle
4:33am The Gyuto Monks   Yamantaka Freedom Chants Rykodisc
4:54am Nyodene D   Grain to Ash Bound Oak and Ashen Grain PIAS
5:01am E Voce Di U Cumune   Lettera a Mamma Corsica: Chants Polyphoniques Harmonia Mundi France
5:08am Gog   The Opening Heavy Fierce Brightness: Spells of The Sun Utech Records
5:16am Buddhist Chant of Shuni, Todai   Rite of Repentance in Latter Buddhist Chant of Shuni-E... King Record Co Ltd
5:30am Nyodene D   Ansuz Ascending Bound Oak and Ashen Grain PIAS
5:36am Demidinsun   The Galloping Horse (Morinxuur Solo) Instrumental Music From Mongolia Tangent
5:41am Gog   Night Eve Mist From The Random More Utech Records
5:44am Santiago Mutumbajoy   9:52 Yage Pinta!: Psychedelic Shaman Songs of Santiago Mutumbajoy Locust Music
5:49am Kyle Littlefeather   Great Sioux War Chant Unconquered Spirit: Chants and Trances of The Native America Fuel 2000
6:01am Rat King  
6:02am Maeror Tri (...)   Part 1 Hypnotikum I Soleilmoon Recordings
6:07am Aderlating   Ritus Orgia Sanquin Nekrasov / Aderlating Chrome Leaf
6:13am Luftwaffe   Fields Solipsistica Nihilisti Punch Records
6:16am Winterblut   Rot and Weiss Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten Nuclear War Now! Productions
6:24am Havohej   Bloud of The World Kembatinan Premaster Hells Headbangers
6:25am Nav   Galloping From The Blizzard's Heart Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
6:30am Moloch   Plague II Depressive Black Metal Plague Prison Tatt Records
6:37am Demoncy   Winter Bliss Joined In Darkness Nuclear War Now! Productions
6:48am Altar of Plagues   All Life Converges to Some Centre Mammal Back on Black
6:54am Benighted Leams   There Descends a Nauseating Dampness Obombrid Welkins Supernal Music
No. 6  
7:01am Chris and Cosey   Raining Tears of Blood The Elephant Table Album eXtract
7:07am Metamorphosis   Musak From Hawthorne Court The Elephant Table Album eXtract
Coil   S is for Sleep The Elephant Table Album eXtract
7:14am Haus Arafna   Last dream of Jesus
November Novelet   So Far No Further
7:26am Smorzando   Lied 2 Smrad
7:28am D1: Ashes   Fimbulvetr Anti-geldof Compilation Supernal Music
7:41am L'Acephale   Euntes Ibant Et Flebant Mord Und Totsclag Aurora Borealis
7:57am crucifixion of Jesus Christ
7:57am Dunnock   Kudryavka Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust Temptations of Resonance Records
8:05am Coldness   None Poisoned Gift Goatowarex
8:08am Intergalactic Holocaust   Cybernetic Supremacy Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust Temptations of Resonance Records
8:15am Drudkh   Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlue astern Frontier In Flames Season of Mist Underground Activists
8:21am Mercyful Fate   Doomed By the Living Dead Beginning, the Road Racer
8:24am Pantera   Valhalla I Am the Night
Armour   Lucifer Heavy Rock NWN!
Abattoir   Screams From The Grave Metal Massacre 4 Metal Blade
8:36am Witchslayer   I Don't Want To Die Metal Massacre 4 Metal Blade
8:41am Lizzy Borden   Rod Of Iron Metal Massacre 4 Metal Blade
8:46am Saint   Plan II Warriors of the Son Morada
8:51am Isengard   Dommedagssalme Vinterskugge Peaceville
8:56am Death Yell   Victim Or Hangman Morbid Rites Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:01am Dhampyr   Waltz of the Salivating Avalanche Oceanclots acephalewinter
9:08am Branikald   ??????? ??????? ??????? / Mit Der Klinge Aufrichtigen Blicke ????? ??????????? / Rausch Der Misantrophie Ewiges Eis Records
9:16am Rudra   Vulture Of Slavery Brahmavidya: Immortal I Sonic Blast
9:19am Revenge   Scum Detection (Outsider Neutralized) Behold.Total.Rejection Season of Mist
9:21am Amputator   Blood Smeared Raping God's Law Old Cemetery Records
aborted christ childe   alive to die
9:28am Mantak   Blasphemer (Sodom cover) Raping God's Law
9:31am Beherit   Six Days with Lord Diabolus Beast of Beherit Spinefarm
9:35am Aosoth   untitled track 3 III (Violence And Variations) Agonia
9:42am Kermania   Schwertes Schaerfe Beichtgesang Ahnenwerk van
10:07am Abhor   Live Footage Italy 2003 Death to Mental Slaves Pagan Flames
Death Dies   Thorazine Death to Mental Slaves
Demoncy   Night Song (Apocalyptic Dawn) Death to Mental Slaves
FOG   From Within the Darkness Beyond Eternity Death to Mental Slaves
9:28am Strain II Odour Of Dust & Rot Rhinocervs
10:15am Kuxan Suum   Principle Of Harmonic Resonance Odour Of Dust & Rot
10:22am Nihilobstat   Traced In Absurdity Odour Of Dust & Rot
Strain III Odour Of Dust & Rot
10:27am Odz Manouk   A Virulent Wind Odour Of Dust & Rot
10:33am Akitsa   Au-del? Des Ab?mes Aube De La Misanthropie Sadolust
10:35am Akitsa   L'Eveil Des Damn?s Aube De La Misanthropie
10:38am Akitsa   Les Secrets Du D?sespoir Aube De La Misanthropie
10:41am Akitsa   Le Massacre Des Puritains Aube De La Misanthropie
10:43am Akitsa   Exaltation Du Mal?fique Aube De La Misanthropie
10:46am Akitsa   Odieuses Divinit?s Aube De La Misanthropie
Akitsa   L? Immensit? Froide Aube De La Misanthropie
10:51am Akitsa   R?veries Meurtri?res Aube De La Misanthropie
Akitsa   Folie Am?re Aube De La Misanthropie
10:57am Akitsa   Les Merveilles De Belzebuth Aube De La Misanthropie
10:59am Akitsa   L'Hymne A La Mutilation Aube De La Misanthropie
11:02am Akitsa   Pulv?risation Victoriense Aube De La Misanthropie
11:05am Akitsa   L'Agonie Morose Du Pendu Aube De La Misanthropie
11:08am Akitsa   Redemption Aube De La Misanthropie
11:17am Hitler's Inferno side a Authentic Music and Sounds from Hitler's Inferno Sandy Hook
10:37am Dada Diogenes  
11:41am Ural Umbo Utech Records
11:42am Windhand   Soma Relapse Records
11:43am ?tarrakian???   hammered swarm surman suukum 1 2 the swarm no options
11:48am Haggatha   55 Year Old Fucking Liar S/T Choking Hazard Records
11:52am Grief   Fleshpress Depression Grievance Records
11:53am Saros   Sleeping Beast Five Pointed Tongue Hungry Eye
12:00pm 12" 7/30   4,5 (ordem economica,tolo regresso d.e.r. morte asceta peculio discos, brasil
12:03pm Insanity Puppets   My Fruit Cellar World Rot Kill a Tree Hugger
12:03pm Wolves In The Throne Room   Vastness and Sorrow Two Hunters Southern Lord Recordings
12:13pm Altar of Plagues   Feathers & Bone Mammal Back on Black
12:21pm Kontraattaque   Sin Historia Luchas, Tragedias Y Historias De Nuestra Gente El Grito
12:21pm Seperation Perfected Youth Jihad E.P. Bllodlink Records
12:21pm manchurian candidates   B between reality and shadow tfc
12:21pm citizens arrest   B a light in the distance deadalive
12:21pm burial year   1 pestilence adagio 830 records, germany
12:22pm Jesuit   Servitude 101 Reservoir
12:26pm mitb   feed the octopus split with capitalist casualties sixweeksrecords
1:00pm Nine Fingered Thug   Unica Bitter Ballads Hollow Bunny Records
1:00pm flag of democracy   love song love songs sra
1:00pm rattus   WC Rajahtaa the poko recordings zurich chainsaw massacre records
1:00pm kaaos   A ristiinnaulittu kaaos havoc
1:00pm savage amused   A mind cure
1:00pm aaritila   b ...ennen huomista, tana tuomiopaivana feral ward
1:00pm A dwarf jester rising 625 thrash
1:00pm order from chaos complete discography box set nuclear war now
1:26pm griffar   a host in the ??toad pandle of witches and pelts 150666 releases, info-black
1:26pm [coll]: Reality Part 2   enemy soil common ground Reality Part 2 Deep Six Records
1:36pm Raxinasky   Day 2 Anti-apopathodiaphulatophobicoustical Days, The Heart and Crossbones Records
1:39pm Keuhkot   Rakkaus Rinnassa Yska Bad Vugum
1:54pm Stark Raving Mad   B S.R.M. Slob Records
2:06pm Black Christmas (1974)  
2:07pm Kk Null   Missing Link Flying Serpent / Leviathan / Missing Link Missing Link
2:11pm Pagan Hellfire   From The Highest Halls The Still of Night
2:15pm Pagan Hellfire   Funeral Fires Burn The Still of Night
2:23pm Beat Street   Santa's Rap
2:23pm Black Christmas (1974)  
2:35pm Mysticum   List of Satan
2:41pm Junko & Henritzi, Michel   Fear of Music Fear of Music L'Esprit de L'Escalier
2:45pm Superman Christmas Story   Light up the Tree Mr. President
2:47pm Plutocracy   West Bay Policy Sniping Pigs
2:48pm Bill Horist (Side B)   I and Ivar Null, K.K./Horist, Bil TMR
2:51pm Hadez   Caligula Guerreros De La Muerte Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:59pm Clipping   Clipping Sub Pop Records
No. 6  
3:03pm today i will not kill myself
3:07pm Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   untitled side II s/t cassette
3:22pm Impiety   Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell Skullfucking Armageddon Metropolis
3:26pm Portal   Heirships Outre profound Lore
Nunslaughter   Jesus is Doomed Goat
3:36pm Morbid   Wings of Funeral Ancient Morbidity
Ohtar   Honour and Faithfulness Petrified Breath of Hope Forever Plagued
Spite Extreme Wing   Kosmokrator Kosmokrator: Magnificat II Behemoth Productions
3:45pm Human Bodies   Only The Sigh Human Bodies / Leather Chalice Prison Tatt
3:48pm Leather Chalice   Good Intentions (Coming Home Part One) Human Bodies / Leather Chalice Prison Tatt
Tangorodrim   Alcoholic Desecration Unholy Metal Way
3:57pm Obituary   Inked In Blood Inked In Blood
4:00pm Anti   Landscape in Minor The Insignificance of Life Obscure Abhorrence
4:05pm Mortician   Zombie Apocalypse Final Bloodbath Session Primitive Recordings
4:08pm Jute Gyte   The Haunting Sense of an Unrepentable Unidirectional Vector Discontinuities Jeshimoth
4:19pm Servile Sect   Stabbing Through Realms of the Queen Ecstatic Peace!
4:24pm Intrinsic Action & Iugula-Thor   Disgusted Ensemble Sacr?s Gar?ons Old Europa Cafe
4:26pm Venowl   Augenbliick HAIL THE BLACK NOISE!!!! Dipsomaniac Records
4:35pm Panzerfaust   Fuhre unsere Truppen Triumpfzug Art Of Propaganda
4:38pm Winter   Servants of the Warsmen Into Darkness Future Shock
4:46pm Unholy Crucifix   Inverted Ordo Servorum Satanae Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:54pm Xexyz   Temple Above The Wood Hollow Primeval Mountain PIAS
4:57pm Ashdautas   With Blades We Speak Where the Sun is Silent Crepusculo Negro
5:10pm Asunder   a Clarion Call A Clarion Call Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:16pm NeilTyson god? lolno
5:20pm Gwar   Gor-Gor America Must Be Destroyed Hymen Records
5:25pm Hummingbird of Death   First We Should Observe The Ancient Ritual of The Tradiona Chainsaw to The Face/Hummingbird of Death Cowabunga Records
5:35pm Kreator   The Pestilence Pleasure to Kill Combat Records
5:43pm Carrion   Mouth of Infinity Lysergic Soul Drain
5:47pm Saint Vitus   Mystic Lady Hallow's Victim SST Records
5:57pm Pentagram   Sub-Basement
6:21pm Epidemic   Tornado Decameron Hymen Records
6:23pm Rings Of Saturn   The Heavens Have Fallen
6:30pm Mizmor   VI Untitled Winter Lower Your Head
6:59pm Lord Time   A Destiny of Death
7:06pm Hagor   Disintegrating Into The Universal Storm Ascending Demonic Spirits Nutzz Recordzz, The
7:11pm Impaled Northern Moon Forest   untitled
7:21pm In Disgust   LIVE RADIO SPLIIT 7' With GODSTOMPER San Jose Oldies Vol. 1 Torture Garden Pictures Records
7:42pm Waste Pig   Piggyback Buttfuck Born to Die Split Nutzz Recordzz, The
7:44pm VxGxLxSxCxDxVxZxNx   Cretinism of Foetal Irregularities and Malformed Developmen Extrauterine Malformations of Vaginal Cadavera Channel 190 Records
7:55pm Mortals   Ten Years of Filth Mortals/ Repellers Broken Limbs Recordings
7:56pm Salamander Titz   Don't Forget to use shampoo
7:58pm Hellhammer   The Third of The Stones (Evoked Damnation) Demon Entrails Century Media
8:17pm Death Monk   Acid Ritual
8:35pm Moonknight   Zelator Toplov Rising Beast Recordings
8:47pm Monte   Rifle No hay salida solo sangre
8:52pm Bolt Thrower   War Master War Master Earache
8:56pm Incontinant   Stupid Stable Boy/Rumsfeld Dapping the Dickibird Torture Garden Pictures Records
8:59pm [coll]: Black Army Jacket/Heml   We Attck, We Fight, We Win Black Army Jacket/Heml Go Kart
9:06pm Chalice of Blood   Black Funeral Magick Chalice of Blood/Arkha Sva Sigilla Malae
9:10pm Retaliation   Inferior Execution, the Headfucker
9:10pm Ocean   The Beacon Pantheon of The Lesser Important Records