Tuesday 26 January 2016 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sub Oslo   Stratospheric Dubs in the Key of Life Two Ohm Hop
Florestano   7 of Diamonds (part 1 & 2) Noh Kowloon Records
Stevedood   Drought Dooing PIAS
Fullmoon   The Wolfish Initiation United Aryan Evil
Botanist   Helleborus Niger I: The Suicide Tree / II: a Rose From The Dead Tumult
Throbbing Gristle   Hot on the Heels of Love 20 Jazz Funk Greats Industrial Records
Fockewulf 190   Body Heat Microcosmos 82-86 Vinyl on Demand
Aphex Twin   Tha Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Pias America Classics
La Morte Young   Cortex The Killer La Morte Young / Drone Electric Lust Pica Disk
Ancient Sky   Garbage Brain Mosaic Wharf Cat Records
Timmy's Organism   Wild Humanoid Wild Humanoid Urinal Cake
Earthless   Violence of the Red Sea From the Ages
Watain   Malfeitor Lawless Darkness
Vanhelgd   No Salvation Cult of Lazarus Nuclear War Now! Productions
Ghoul   Cult of The Hunter Splatterthrash Tankcrimes
Moonknight   When Night Falls Ligeia
Samael   Beyond the Nothingness Blood Ritual Century Media
Joy   Defiance Shallows Shrimper
Hawkwind   Dragons & Fables Utopia 1984 Vibraphone Records
Mainliner   Cardinal Virtues Psychedelic Polyhedron Fractal Records
Sidesaddle   Are You Missing Me? Girl From The Red Rose Saloon, The Turquoise Records
Hillfolk Noir   Round I Sing/Mile On Up Pop Songs For Elk HillfolkNoir.com
Hank Williams   I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Very Best Of Hank Williams, The MGM Records
Emmylou Harris   Save the Last Dance for Me Blue Kentucky Girl Warner Bros.
Joan Baez   Love Song to a Stranger Best Of, the A&M Records
Peter Paul & Mary   This Land Is Your Land Moving Warner Bros.
Sacrilege   Dig Your Own Grave Time to Face the Reaper (the Demos) Absurd Records
Hedersleben   The Fall of Chronopolis 3 Self Release
Burning Star Core   When The Tripods Came Operator Dead...Post Abandoned No Quarter
Eidetic Seeing   A Snake Whose Years Are Long Against Nature Eidetic Seeing Records
Ruhe   Towering Patriarchs Eilean
Earth   Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon Primitive & Deadly
Ruins   Gold Stone Burning Stone Shimmy Disc
Koenjihyakkei   Becttem Pollt Nivraym Skin Graft Records