Monday 4 April 2016 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:03pm Cibo Matto   The Candy Man Viva! La Woman Warner Bros.
10:05pm Thundercrack   Shake Your Hips Own Shit Home Estrus Records
10:07pm The Swimming Pool Q's   Hip-Hype Firing Squad From God, the Db Recs
10:15pm Blanket Music   Hips Move Hush Records
10:15pm Some Girls   Up to Our Hips All My Friends Are Going Death Three.One.G
10:18pm Seven Year Bitch   Hip Like Junk Viva Zapata! C/Z
10:21pm The Purple Helmets   Hip-Hug Her Ride Again New Rose
10:25pm Bamff   Pony Hips Come Outside Beautamous Loaf International
10:27pm Eton Crop   Poverty Is not Hip Yes Please Bob Ediesta Records
10:31pm Cassette   Swingin' Hips Beautiful California Atomisk Records
10:33pm Boyracer   Superhip We Are Made of the Same Wood Slumberland Records
10:34pm The Terraplanes   It's Hip Evil Going on Vibraphone Records
10:36pm Dengue Fever   Hold My Hips Dengue Fever Web of Mimicry
10:42pm Psychotic Turnbuckles   I Like a Hip Babe Pharoahs of the Far Out Sub Pop Records
10:46pm Butt Trumpet   Dicktatorship Primitive Enema Helter Skelter
10:49pm Animal Time   Hip Neighborhood Jacked Up? no More Brave Dog
10:50pm Revillos   Hippy Hippy Sheik Rev Up Snatzo Records
10:52pm Erectus Monotone   Hips Erector Set Rave
10:53pm Polystyrene   Hip City Hip Translucence United Artists
10:57pm Wippo   Totally Hip Wippo Goyem Records
11:00pm Live Human   Lazy Hip Elefish Jellyphant Kornyfone
11:05pm Pigface   Hips, Tits, Lips, Power Fook Invisible
11:14pm Midnight Funk Association   For the Hips Coffee Shop Rules Domino
11:14pm Blipvert   I Love Moving Her Hips Triple Acid Foot Ra Sounds
11:23pm Bleach 03   He (Hips) S/T Australian Cattle God
11:27pm Naked Raygun   Hips Swingin' Understand? Caroline Records, Inc.
11:33pm Gone   Hip Castro Conservative Country Dumb SST Records
11:33pm Dust Devils   Hip Priest Struggling Electric Chemical Teenbeat
11:46pm The Delta 72   Hip Coat 000 Touch and Go Records
11:51pm Frigg A-Go-Go   Swivel Hips Penetrating Sounds Of..., the 360 Twist Records
11:51pm '68 Comeback   Shake Your Hips A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far Sympathy For The Record Industry
11:56pm Future Sounds of London   Snake Hips ISDN Caroline
12:00am Matmos   Ultimate Care II Ultimate Care II Thrill Jockey
12:20am Retribution Body   Sea of Trees Aokigahara Type Recordings
12:24am Hugues Vincent   Une Barque Traverssee Sur Lame De Fond Cello Pieces Zpoluras
12:30am William Burroughs &G.Van Sant   The Hipster Be-Bop Junkie Elvis of Letters, the Tk Records
12:33am Unsustainable Social Condition with Ted Byrnes   Slaughterhouse Politics Unsustainable Social Condition W/ Ted Byrnes Oxen
12:37am Deathprod   Shimmer/Flicker Stator Touch
12:37am ImpLOG   Holland Tunnel Dive Holland Tunnel Dive Dark Entries
12:45am Del Close   Diagnosis and Therapy "Do It Yourself" Psychoanalysis Kit, The Hanover-Signature
12:49am Nashville Electric   Orson's Folly, Pt. 1 Orson's Folly Edgetone Records
12:53am Hure   Kopf Sog Self Produced
12:57am Khwanta Fasawang   By My Gigolo's Side Lam Phaen Motorsai Tham Saeb: The Best of Lam Phaen Sister EM Records
1:02am Expo 70   Ascensions From Dusk Kinetic Tones Oaken Palace Records
1:02am Billy Bao   Side A Lagos Sessions Munster Records
1:12am Bovine Over Sussex W.   Introducing the Counter-Hip Solid Space Inverse Universe Oska
1:13am Ash Koosha   Wait Guud Olde English Spelling Bee
1:17am DFALT   Arrested Silence DFALT P+C Plug Research
1:22am G. Dicksson   [recorded 2013] Dicksson, G. / Blodvite Jartecknet
1:26am Prospero   Genetic Behavior Freedom and The Process Black Note Music
1:28am Ryan Huber & Erik Waterkotte   ...antag: ix and Now They Are Gone Self Produced
1:31am Alex Keller   Black Out Black Out Mimeomeme
1:33am James Ferraro   Million Dollar Man Skid Row Break World
1:35am Ellen Fullman   Langzaam Long String Instrument, The Superior Viaduct
1:36am Forrest Fang   Night Ferry Sleepwalker's Ocean, The Projekt