Tuesday 5 April 2016 10:00am to 2:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Full of Hell   Affirmation of Nothing Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home A389 Recordings
Augurs   Drunk Old Ways Hash Crimes Dispensary
Retribution Body   Sea of Trees Aokigahara Type Recordings
Merzbow   Ultramarine Blues Pulse Demon
Liver Cancer   Decapitated Sodomy Horrible Moment Love Earth Music
Angelblood   Fire in the Mountain Labia Minora Captain Trip
Bardo Pond   Don't Know About You Bardo Pond Fire Records
Bloodhammer   Passion of The Devil Passion of The Devil, The Hammer of Hate
Moonknight   Night Creature Moloch/ Moonknight Rising Beast Recordings
Scorn   It Was The Night Midnight Funeral, The Drakkar Productions
Damnation   In The Rubbish of The Church Speed Anarchy Nuclear War Now! Productions
Hawkwind   Damnation Alley Quark Strangeness & Charm Sire Records
Ava Mendoza   Kiss Of Fire Ivory Tower Unrock
Kim Doo Soo   Song of Pathless Time 10 Days Butterfly PSF
Wagner   Tristan und Isolde: Prelude
Steve Roden/Mem1   The Uncertainty of Movement III Floating Wave of Air, a Estuary Ltd.
Ash Koosha   I Feel That Guud Olde English Spelling Bee
Philip Perkins   Gesang Mister Anyhow Fun Music
Serengeti   California Family & Friends Anticon
Kensho Kuma   Moshimo... Projeckt Life Force Wenod Records
Actuary   Concrete Outings Actuary / Gnaw Their Tongues Black Horizons
Feldgrau   Wolves of Flame and Shadow Mechanized Misanthropy Agonia
Aevangelist   Emanation Enthrall to The Void of Bliss 20 Buck Spin
Endless Dismal Moan   Thirst For Pleasure Lord of Nightmare Blackmetal.Com
Palace of Worms   As I Slumber Amongst The Cold Thoughtless Stars Forgotten,the Flenser
+DOG+   a Veil of Paranoia Misery of Endless Suffering, The Love Earth Music
Nazoranai   Not to Leave Everything to The Light Outside of You Nazoranai Editions Mego
Vanhelgd   Drunk Beyond Death Cult of Lazarus Nuclear War Now! Productions
Venom   Warhead Canadian Assault Neat Records
Obituary   Back to One End Complete, the Roadrunner Records
Teitanblood   Sanctified Dysecdysis Woven Black Arteries Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Om   At Giza Conference of The Birds Holy Mountain