Lord Gravestench

Monday 13 June 2016 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:03am Wolfskin   Satanic Landscape, My Eyes The Hidden Fortress Forgotten Blood
6:09am MB/RS   Yes The Enduring Classics Black Box Recordings Instruments of Discipline
6:15am Megaptera   The Squire Goes Insane Disease Art Konkret
6:40am Robert Rich   Aerial On Warm Seas What We Left Behind Soundscape Productions
6:48am Illusion of Safety   Microsleep Surrender Finite Material Context
7:01am Black Tape For a Blue Girl   Wings Tattered, Fallen Remnants of a Deeper Purity Projekt
7:07am Amber Asylum   Romantic Theme Frozen in Amber Elfinblut
7:12am Barren Harvest   Tammuz Lament Beautiful Flowers Black Horizons
7:18am of The Wand & The Moon   Black Moth Sonnenheim Tesco Organisation
7:23am Der Blutharsch   Side A Viele Feinde Viele Ehre Dudeschar
7:34am Wappenbund   Licht Ist Leben II Licht Ist Leben White Ashes
7:40am Kama Rupa   a Straight Line Sistinas Sanguis Chondritic Sound
7:44am Oranssi Pazuzu   Varahtelija Varahtelija Svart Records
7:52am 16   Hate Curves That Kick Relapse
7:56am Skitliv   Slow Pain Coming (Cold Spring Mix) Amfetamin Cold Spring
8:03am RxAxPxE   I Will Obey RxFxRxRxAxPxE Bestial Burst
8:11am Whorebutcher   It's Your Only Choice At The End of The Rope Chondritic Sound
8:16am Vidna Obmana   Below Anti-terror 1984-1986 [Testament of Tape] 1 Vinyl on Demand
8:25am Null, KK + The Noiser   Track 08 KK Null + The Noiser Monotype
8:31am garfield, wake up!
8:48am Infirmary   Green Goblin Necropenetrator Scratch and Sniff Entertainment
8:53am Enbilulugugal   Survivors: Minimal Day After, The Dipsomaniac Records
8:55am Enbilulugugal   Basement of Doom Day After, The Dipsomaniac Records
9:03am Defuntos   Tumulos de perpetua ausencia Nada e Eterno Dunkelheit Produktionen
9:09am Anal Cunt   Everyone In The Underground Music Scene Is Stupid 40 More Reasons to Hate Us Earache Records
9:11am Ysengrin   In Saturni Nigredine (part 1) :Nigrvm.Nigrivs.Nigro: I, Voidhanger Records
9:16am Coffins   Tyrant Coffins/Ilsa Relapse Records
9:21am Rotting Christ   A Dynasty From The Ice Triarchy of the Lost Lovers Century Media
9:26am MarbleBog   I Am The Forestheart Forestheart Autopsy Kitchen Recordings
9:34am Sombre Chemin   Patrie Charnelle Doctrine Taran Production
9:38am Elysian Fields   Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know) [Promo 1995] Adelain Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:46am Deathstench   Bastards of The Black Flame Massed In Black Shadow Black Plagve Productions
9:56am Thomas Browne   Urn Burial Cambridge Treasure of English Prose, The (Volume Two) Caedmon
9:56am Cosmic Church   III Vigilia Kuunpalvelus