Louie Caliente

Friday 17 June 2016 6:00am to 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01am Musica Azteca Musica Indegina de Mexico
6:05am Alan Lamb & Garry Bradbury   The Wired Lab WIRED Open Day 2009 TAIGA Records
6:19am Koenraad Ecker   A Pillar of Salt Sleepwalkers In a Cold Circus Line
6:22am Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words   No Words No Words Cloister Recordings
6:32am Fredrico Durand   Linternas Junto a La Laguna (lanterns Beside The Lake) a Traves Del Espejo 12K
6:43am Lucky Dragons   Morning Ritual Dream Island Laughing Language Marriage Records
6:44am Drawing Virtual Gardens   Build up fat in the deep cell Six Weeks Were to Long to Wait Time Released Sound
6:49am Bren't Lewiis Ensemble   (Subcutaneous Mix) Armless Marvel, The BUFMS
6:55am Irving Klaw Trio   Utek Pahtoo Mogoi Utek Pahtoo Mogoi Road Cone
7:01am Wieman   Fundans ThapArrhythmia 1 Cryptonesia Ini Itu
7:05am Starfuckers   Derivazioni-Attesa Drunken Fish
7:11am John Fahey   Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today Red Cross Revenant Records
7:15am Jack Rose   Tex Apocalyps. X. Eclipse Records
7:25am Dan Melchior   Death Don't Have No Mercy Plays The Greys Ever/never
7:31am Wham-O   Throwing Pennies at Mice Wham-O Chocolate Monk
7:34am Alvarius B.   Blue Legba Fuck You and The Horse You Rode In On Abduction
7:42am Derek Bailey   The Squirrel & The... Solo Guitar Vol. 1 Incus
7:47am Pekka Airaksinen   Good News From Columbia Love and Addiction One Point Life
7:52am Alva   Sharch of Tearry Slattery for Ungdom Menlo Park
7:56am Moondog   Oasis Moondog and His Friends Honest Jon's
7:57am Moondog   Tree Frog/Be a Hobo Moondog and His Friends Honest Jon's
8:01am Sun Araw, M. Geddes Congos   Sunshine Frkwys Vol. 9 Rvng Intl.
8:06am Winston Edwards   Jah Macka Dub Natty Locks Dub VP Records
8:10am Scientist   Where Wicked Gonna Dub Dub Album They Didn't Want You to Hear, The Jah Life Int.
8:13am Praed   Pyramids In The Sky Fabrication of Silver Dreams Annihaya Records
8:20am Salmigondis   Lieu Des Incandescences Assez De Trop Pas bimbo tower records
8:23am No Neck Blues Band   Second Columbus Pt. 1 Ever Borneo Seres
8:32am Mushroom's Patience   From the Mountain From the Mountain Hau Ruck
8:36am The Sunburned Hand of the Man   Rivershine Trickle-Down Theory Of..., the Eclipse Records
8:47am Psychotronix   Rice Krispies Commercial Psychotronix
8:47am Fumaca Preta   Impuros Fanaticos Impuros Fanaticos Soundway Records
8:56am Leprechaun Catering   A1: Cut 1 Kumquats, Lychees Heresee
9:01am Lake of Dracula   Four Teachers Skeletal Remains Rococo Records
9:06am Heavy Chains   Crying Demons A Very Real Hell Broadway to Boundary, The
9:11am Rangda   To Melt the Moon Heretic's Bargain, The Drag City
9:17am Jim Houser   knife lessons untitled Free News Projects
9:22am Glenn Phillips   I Feel Better Already Lost At Sea Feeding Tube Records
9:23am Mike Dillion   Christian Brothers Functioning Broke Royal Potato Family