Wednesday 20 July 2016 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm James Brown   Fat Soul Nothing But Soul King Records
7:06pm Crank Sturgeon   Composite Suppository Read S/T RRRecords
7:09pm Marta Sebestyen   Zugadoz Az Erdo Apocrypha Hannibal
7:13pm Monosov Swirnoff   Untitled (Side a Track 3) Seven Recorded Works Eclipse Records
7:16pm Trio X   Sunflower Musings Roulette At Location One Cadence Jazz
7:21pm Hanged Up   A Different Kind of Function Clatter for Control Constellation
7:22pm Bob Verschueren   Bananier Musa Catalogue De Plantes Fuga Libera
7:31pm Metalux   Amethyst Dogs Waiting for Armadillo Load Records
7:35pm Fragments   Vilia's Lace S/T
7:41pm Simon Henneman   Allegro Black Magic & Moustache Assophon
7:41pm Will Guthrie   Timelapse Sacree Obsession Ideal Recordings
7:44pm Wolfmangler   Compost With a Grudge Cooking With Wolves Black Horizons
7:50pm Clawed   Shattering Heads CLAWED Rob Self Produced
7:50pm Cypherbane   Mind Games
7:58pm Infinite Plastic Internal   Radioactive cloud
8:02pm Guadalupe Plata   Lorena Guadalupe Plata Folc Records
8:03pm Alien Sex Fiend   Blessings of The State Curse Sinclair
8:08pm Tigersmilk   Little Pleasures Tigersmilk Family Vineyard
8:12pm Terence Hannum   If Only You Knew What Darkness I Am Plunged Into Via Negativa Utech Records
8:14pm Fortner Anderson   Echo Chamber ( Andy Williams ) Annunciations Canada Council For The Arts
8:22pm Lilly Joel   Ruben's Tree What Lies In The Sea Sub Rosa
8:27pm Head Wound City   Radical Friends Head Wound City Three.One.G
8:29pm Vertonen   11 Degrees 22.4' N 142 Degrees 35.5' HACE / 26,250'/11 22.4'N 142 35.5'E Misanthropic Agenda
8:30pm Rahul Sharma   Melody of Kashmir in Contemp Music of the Himalayas Realworld
8:41pm Ilyas Ahmed   Behind Our Eyes Vertigo of Dawn, The Time-Lag
8:45pm I'm Dead Today   No Way/No Future Menstrual Gold Slaughter Productions
8:51pm The Haters   Iny 1 In the Shade of Fire Silent Records
9:03pm Man Is The Bastard: Bastard Noise   The Honesty Shop Honesty Shop, The Robotic Empire
9:06pm Eddie Warner   Brutus Drums Studio Ganaro: Space Oddities 1972-1982 Born Bad
9:09pm Mannheim Rocket   Schuon Mannheim Rocket 3BS Records
9:17pm Sissisters   Infanta Branca/1259 Wounds Without Cause Self Produced
9:21pm Pedestrian Deposit   Impermanence Austere Monorail Trespassing
9:29pm Beans   Dark Cave at Creek Tired Snow Zum Media
9:34pm Dark Star   Frantic Upstream Travelogue II Soleilmoon Recordings
9:38pm Oil Thief   Wading Obsolescence and Monality Chondritic Sound
9:42pm Umberto   Elimination Alienation Not Not Fun Records
9:44pm Dolorvotre   D.M.T. Dolorvotre Crepusculo Negro