Thursday 18 August 2016 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Aethyr   ave_S Messio R.A.I.G.
10:02pm John Cage   Part 2 Variations IV Everest
10:05pm Opening   1973 Academy Awards Academy Awards Memories MCA
10:07pm Lauren Bacall & the Boys   But Alive Applause Decca
10:14pm Can   Chain Reaction Soon Over Babaluma United Artists
10:26pm Angela Lansbury   Opening of 1973 Academy Awards Academy Awards Memories MCA
10:29pm AUME   Praeludium Agere Urendum Mentis Epode Self-released
10:31pm Tola Tuzun   Uncomfortable Possibilities of Seamless Unions An Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music Sub Rosa
10:33pm John Arndt   Bow and Arrow Field Recordings From The Great Salt Lake Desert Gallery 400
10:37pm John Arndt   Shooting Sheriff Field Recordings From The Great Salt Lake Desert Gallery 400
10:42pm Arctic   Burnt Ice Arctic Outer Battery
10:51pm Sugarconnection   6 Plays Alien Cakes No Man's Land
10:57pm Sugarconnection   7 Plays Alien Cakes No Man's Land
11:00pm Susumu Yokota   Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade Osmosis Leaf Recordings
11:05pm Coaxial   Mourners Lament Phantom Syndrome, the Gold Standard Labs
11:09pm The Canaries   Medley 2 Songs of Canaries, The United Artists (Old)
11:14pm Nels Lyhne Lakkegaard   Descending Piece Sound X Music_ Music For Nine Pianos Hiatus
11:18pm L. Chasse   Paint It Black Painted Black Tumult
11:25pm Gruel   Long and Thick Gruel/Ultraboy Jukebox Recordsx
11:29pm Dogs   Nineteen Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977-1982 Born Bad
11:31pm Smash   Well, You Know Algo Salvaje Vol.2 Munster Records
11:34pm Candlemass   Mourners Lament Nightfall Hymen Records
11:40pm Olavi Trio   Kun Ilta Ehtii Oh, La Vie! TUM Records Oy
11:45pm King Diamond   The Invisible Guests Them Roadrunner Records
11:48pm Lindy Lane & the Sinners   Low Grades & High Fever Girls in the Garage 6/ Romulan
11:50pm Girl Trouble   Sister Mary Motorcycle Sister Mary Motorcycle Wigout
11:55pm Marion Barry   Ark of Disease God Is Back, and He's Hungry Love Earth Music
11:56pm Collective Efforts   Everything Else Medicine Arcthefinger Records
12:01am Designer   Brother Gob / Designer Bovine
12:02am Wink Martindale   You Can't Run Away From the Gob/Martindale, Wink Slap a Ham
12:04am Gob / Sloth Devil's Meat
12:13am David Chesky   False Gods Agnostic, The Chesky Records, Inc.
12:23am Luc Ferrari   Interrupteur IV Interrupteur / Tautologos 3 Blue Chopsticks
12:28am Glass Candy   Crystal Migraine Glass Candy/Subtonix Troubleman Unlimited
12:31am Pumice   Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin Grouper / Pumice Soft Abuse
12:36am Alastair Galbraith   Mavis Grind Seely Girn Feels Good All Over
12:40am Xavier Iriondo & Gianni Mimmo   Circumstance and Sacrifice / Eye Tray Your Very Eyes Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary
12:43am Iron Fist of The Sun   Insignificant We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps Cold Spring Records UK
12:46am Moniek Darge   Solstice Sun Sounds of Sacred Places Igloo
12:47am Chichiro Wada   Hikoboshi Improvised Music From Japan 2005 Improvised Music From Japan
12:51am Irikarah   Bruederchen Komm Tanz Mit Mir Programmed Illusions Misanthrope Studio
12:52am Frank Butler   The Stepper Stepper, The Elemental Music
12:54am Bob Verschueren   Mais Zea mays Catalogue De Plantes Fuga Libera
12:56am Ryan Huber   Cambridge In Flames Comoros Inam Records
1:02am Aileen Stanley   Wait Till You Get Them Up In The Air Boys Music Hall Favorites By Aileen Stanley Take 2 Records
1:04am The Famous Hokum Boys   Dark Hour Blues Famous Hokum Boys, The JSP Records
1:07am Peerles Quartet & Ada Jones   The Pussy Cat Rag (Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty) Before Radio Archeophone Records
1:10am Mizmor   II Mizmor Pesanta Urfolk
1:22am Punch Brothers   Icarus Smicarus Ahoy Nonesuch
1:26am Miss Tess   Moonshiner Baby, We All Know Rights Records
1:30am Cecil Barfield   I Told You Not to Do That George Mitchell Collection, The Vol. 1 Fat Possum Records
1:32am The Fall   Sleep Debt Snatches There's a Ghost in My House Beggars Banquet
1:39am Aaron Carl   Down (Eastside Mix) Down Metroplex
1:45am Cornelius Cardew   Long Live Chairman Mao Four Principles On Ireland and Other Pieces [1974] Cramps
1:47am Cantilo, Miguel Y Grupo Sur   Algo Esta Por Suceder Miguel Cantilo Y Grupo Sur Guerssen
1:53am Corum   Votive Transmutation Shrine (Part 1) Black Or White Orpheus 2: Place of The Hidden Sun Lost Discoveries