Louie Caliente

Tuesday 6 September 2016 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:02am John Krausbauer   Blues For The Grave Blues For The Grave Debacle Records
6:32am Isorinne   Closing Window to The East No Strength of Sun Yerevan Tapes
6:44am Lionel Marchetti   Natura Morta Zelphabet-Volume L Zelphabet
7:01am Idea Fire Company   Cycle 19 Anti-Natural Swill Radio
7:08am Moniek Darge   Solstice Sun Sounds of Sacred Places Igloo
7:21am Hobo Sonn   Untitled 2 Wary The Mind Amen Absen
7:40am K. Leimer   Fields Characteristics Closed System Potentials Palace of Lights
7:48am Ursala Bogner   2 Ton Recordings 1969-1988 Faitiche
7:52am 3 Leafs   The Rose, The Crab, The Horse More Tomorrow S
8:00am Aethyr   accultus II Messio R.A.I.G.
8:11am Monarch   Blood Seeress Omens At a Loss Recordings
8:25am Dhampyr   a Kodak of Guncotton Shipwrecks Oceanclots Acephale Winter Productions
8:34am Monuments of Urns   Broken Broken PIAS
8:55am Cock E.S.P.   King of Pain Pride of North American Noise, The Breathmint Records
9:00am Karel Appel   Poeme Barbare Musique Barbare Van Sub Rosa
9:04am Government Alpha   Live in Moscow 28 June 1998 Msbr/Government Alpha RRRecords
9:11am Dropdead Vs. Pleasurehorse   00:04:08 Deconstructed-Pleasurehorse Load Records
9:21am Black Leather Jesus   Correct Sadist Prove to Me That You're More Than Meat Audio Dissection
9:32am Macronympha   Burnt Victim Architect Naked Denunciation of Infrasonic Exchange Mother Savage Noise Prod.
9:46am Krube   untitled II Krube I Dischi Del Barone
9:49am Nels Cline   Part VI Dirty Baby Cryptogramophone