Lord Gravestench

Sunday 6 November 2016 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio   Harvesting the Crop. The Chaste Verdict of Negligence. Make Love, and War: the Wedloc Cold Meat Industry
10:06pm Dawn & Dusk Entwined   Spirit of Julian Remergence Athanor
10:11pm Apoptose   Im Bannwald Bannwald Tesco Organisation
10:18pm Sleep Chamber   Mass Ov Thee Dervish Sirkle Zero Musica Maxima Magnetica
10:25pm Sigillum S   End Of Continuum (Expected Arrival At N-eons) Helix Parasites Minus Habens
10:44pm Barbarossa Umtrunk   Gwer Nemeton La Clairiere Des Eaux Mortes Old Europa Cafe
10:51pm Jeweled Snakes   Cocktapuss Jeweled Snakes Ratskin Records
10:57pm Mushroom's Patience   Radiocozmomatic L'Ultimo Bagno del Primate Hau Ruck
11:01pm Terminator 2   Revival Part 1 PIAS
11:08pm Agoraphobic Nosebleed   Half Dead and On and On Relapse Records
11:15pm Fistula   Coma Forever Loser Patac
11:20pm Ahab   The Weedmen Boats of The Glen Carrig, The Napalm Records
11:35pm Necrosic   My Casket Drains Putrid Decimation Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:41pm Sadistic Intent   side A Impending Doom Wild Rags
11:48pm Dismember   Deathevocation Like An Ever Flowing Stream Nuclear Blast America
11:54pm Temple of Baal   Dead Cult Temple of Baal / Aosoth Debemur Morti
12:01am Goatoimpurity   Ceremonial Crucifixion Triumph of Darkness Black Goat Terrorist 666
12:05am Ives   The Taste of Severity Abandon Prison Tatt Records
12:08am Svetovid   Nature's Fury Nature's Fury Brotherhood of Light
12:12am Nav   Chernobog Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
12:17am Gromm   Chop By Death Happiness - It's When You Are Dead Blackmetal.Com
12:23am Horna   Liekki Ja Voima Sanojesi Aarelle Debemur Morti
12:34am Heidenblut   Nutshell Freesenleed Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen
12:44am Blodulv   Crusher Ov Covens Purest Cold Precision, The (Blodulv/Aska) Eerie Art Records
12:51am Pyha   ( Song of The Elderly) 2 Haunted House, The Tumult
1:02am Womb C   Satan Universe Moloch Womb C Bestial Burst
1:11am Sickness   Fever in the Skin I Have Become the Disease..... Ground Fault
1:15am Thorofon   New Heroes Final Movement Ritalin Aktif
1:22am Secular Identity   A Family Affair Afton Bacteria Field
1:26am Charlie Draheim   Untitled 3 This Man, This Skull Chondritic Sound
1:33am Schoolhouse Rock   Electoral College
1:34am Vond   (Beyond Hope)Hell Starts Now Green Eyed Demon Cybertzara
1:41am Crowhurst   Apathy/Numbness/Restraint Memory-loss Ivory Antler