Teachers AIDS

Saturday 10 December 2016 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:08pm Warkilled   Decapitational Lems Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
3:12pm Abhorrot   Dark Summoning Rites Abominations of Darkness Terrorghoul Productions
3:15pm Offerkult   Then We Ate Them Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
3:20pm Almas Fronterizas   Round House Guitar S/t Pistolas Y Saguaros Records
3:20pm Haare   Cosmic Holocaust Chemical Witchcraft Freak Animal Records
3:31pm Dylan Root
3:31pm M Geddes Gengras   Wings_Carroms_Fountain_Worm Suite Pt. 1 Interior Architecture Intercoastal Artists
3:31pm hippies cum
3:36pm Gil Scott-Heron   Home Is Where the Hatred Is Pieces of a Man Flying Dutchman Prod.
3:36pm Kuti, Seun +Egypt 80   African Airways A Long Way to the Beginning Knitting Factory Records
3:44pm Jeweled Snakes   Black Snakes Jeweled Snakes Ratskin Records
3:49pm Black Priest of Satan   Element of Destruction Element of Destruction
3:53pm Vlad Tepes   Drink The Poetry of The Celtic Disciple, Part Two Black Legion Spirits Unholy Penis Productions
pot shots
4:11pm Von Thronstahl   Das Neue Reich Imperium Internum Cold Spring Records UK
4:04pm Lena Platonos   To Naiai The Napamonhe Sun Masks Dark Entries
4:23pm Steilacoom   White Dog Sisters B/w White Dog Vibraphone Records
4:25pm Remi Gassman   Electronics Gassman, Remi/Sala, Oskar Westminster Records
4:32pm shooter shortage
4:32pm Rodger Stella   Untitled Final Programme, The I Dischi Del Barone
4:37pm Spettro Family   Track B1 Strigoi Vade Retro Records
4:46pm Isao Tomita   The Two Jews Pictures At an Exhibition RCA Records
4:46pm Isao Tomita   Limoges/Catacombs Pictures At an Exhibition RCA Records
4:46pm The White People   When You Take a Shit & Jerk Off On Top, It's Called a "snack Live In America Self Release
4:56pm Skozey Fetisch   Blessed Mother of Pluripotence Future Blondes/Skozey Fetisch FLA Records and Tapes
5:01pm Zora   Refuse Scream Your Hate
5:04pm Amputator   Gasmask Abortion Intolerance Deathsquads Old Cemetery
5:06pm Vultyr   Evil Coming Winter Monument of Misanthropy Oaken Shield/Adipocere
5:10pm Repulfixion   Clit Ripper Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
5:11pm Paranoid   Chinurareta Tousou Satyagraha Southern Lord Recordings
5:13pm Lethal Steel   Nocturnal Seductress Legion of the Night
Cindy Talk   Everybody Is Christ Camouflage Heart Midnight Music Ltd.
5:21pm Suicide Commando   Bind, Torture, Kill Bind, Torture, Kill Metropolis Records
5:27pm Art Abscons   Samhain October 31st Vade Retro Records
5:30pm Rob Magill   The Owl Owl and the Pussycat, The Sun Ark
5:40pm White Mice   Foreskin Rug Assphixxxeatateshun Load Records
5:40pm White Mice   The White Mice Assphixxxeatateshun Load Records
5:42pm Blodfest   De Slette Skjalde Lejres Fald Red Stream
5:46pm White Medal   Alone As Owt Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal Legion Blotan
5:50pm Dead Can Dance   Orbis De Ignis Serpent's Egg, the 4AD
5:54pm Dead Can Dance   Black Sun Aion 4AD
5:56pm Ordo Equitum Solis   Angoris Nox Solstitii Temporis Sensus Musica Maxima Magnetica