Lord Gravestench

Sunday 18 December 2016 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Ordo Equitum Solis   Angoris Nox Solstitii Temporis Sensus Musica Maxima Magnetica
10:13pm Aghast   Call From the Grave Hexeri Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis Cold Meat Industry
10:18pm Amber Asylum   Song of the Spider War Natural Philosophy of Love, The Release Records
10:24pm Spettro Family   Side B Strigoi Vade Retro Records
10:28pm Sleep Chamber   Hiz Motherz Eyez Sirkle Zero Musica Maxima Magnetica
10:34pm Der Blutharsch   II The Pleasures Received In Pain Tesco Distribution
10:36pm Art Abscons   Mallenoire October 31st Vade Retro Records
10:38pm Factrix   Splice of Life Artifact Storm
10:44pm Mujahideen   Greed Dead Language Heart & Crossbone
10:49pm Venus Handcuffs   Venus Handcuffs Venus Handcuffs Ad Hoc
10:54pm Corpus Delicti   Patient Sylphes Glasnost
10:58pm Siouxsie & the Banshees   Israel Polydor-Germany
11:03pm Anvil   Free As The Wind Forged in Fire Attic
11:08pm Kat   Time of Revenge Metal and Hell Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:14pm Lolita Black   Black Witch Flesh Blood and Bone Fireheart Records
11:18pm Paranoid   Chinurareta Tousou Satyagraha Southern Lord Recordings
11:22pm Swamp Witch   Bayou Tomb Slithering Bog, The Tribunal of the Axe
11:27pm Abstracter   Glowing Wounds Wound Empire Vendetta
11:38pm Mutilator   War Dogs Immortal Force Greyhaze
11:44pm Hallucinator   Mad Reaper Primeval Power Transylvanian Tapes
11:48pm Vader   The Crucified Ones Ultimate Incantation, the Earache
11:52pm Skeletal Spectre   The Decapitress Tomb Coven Razorback Recordings
11:55pm Nunslaughter   Church of Disgust (1993) Demoslaughter Hells Headbangers Records
11:58pm Dead Congregation   Morbid Paroxysm Graves of the Archangels Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:02am Amputator   to Exterminate Earth Intolerance Deathsquads Old Cemetery
12:06am Usurpateur   Le Barbare Abominations of Darkness Terrorghoul Productions
12:10am Blodfest   De Slette Skjalde Lejres Fald Red Stream
12:14am Odal   Fimbul Winter On Old Paths Klaxon Records
12:20am Nokturnal Mortum   Kolyada Goat Horns Oriana Music
12:27am Warloghe   Illuminating Void Womb of Pestilence Northern Heritage
12:33am Besatt   Czas Wilka Impia Symphonia Red Stream
12:41am Angantyr   Stormen Fra Nord Kampen Fortsaetter Eisenwald Tonschmiede
12:46am Lascowiec   When Nothing Remains Frostwinds of The Apocalypse Dark Hidden
12:52am Furze   Earlier than the Third Might of the Cosmos Reaper Subconscious Guide Agonia
1:02am Solmania   Navajo World Record Alchemy
1:10am Shredded Nerve   Subtraction and Consequence/Never Going Back Whatever It Takes No Rent
1:21am Brighter Death Now   The Last Call Slaughterhouse, the Functional Organisation
1:26am Climax Denial   Environments For Paranoid Necrotic Masturbation Dehumanizing Environments Malignant Records
1:40am Asmorod   Vaporscreen Derelict Tesco Organisation
1:50am Maeror Tri (...)   Part 2 Hypnotikum I Soleilmoon Recordings
1:56am Inade   Samadhi State Part One Samadhi State Loki Foundation