Monday 30 January 2017 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00pm Cibo Matto   The Candy Man Viva! La Woman Warner Bros.
2:03pm Airport Girl   Emmaweg House Salinger Wrote Wiaiwya
2:06pm Milk From Cheltenham   Passport to Happiness! Triptych of Poisoners Alga Marghen
2:10pm Airfix Kits   80s Aesthetic Flex Time Deranged
2:11pm Air Miami   Airplane Rider Airplane Rider N/A
2:13pm The Dictators   Stay With Me 16 Forever Norton Records
2:17pm Airlines   Road For Richard Susstones/Prospective
2:21pm Media Jeweler   Passport Invalid $99 R/T Hawaii PIAS
2:24pm The Manatees   Immigration Snackin' With The Manatees Orange
2:27pm Gogol Bordello   Passport Voi-La Intruder Ruberic
2:31pm Peste Noire   La Condi Hu L'ordure a L'etat Pur La Mesnie Herlequin (Amerique)
2:42pm Urbain Autopsy   Cockpit In Flames Autopsies Rotorelief
2:44pm Broken Social Scene   Passport Radio Feel Good Lost Noise Factory Records
2:51pm Liars   We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones of Our Own They Were Wrong So We Drowned Mute Records
2:56pm Automator   A Better Tomorrow A Much Better Tomorrow 75 Ark Records
3:02pm Raglani   Re-entry With Entity Husk Arbor
3:06pm The Hair and Skin Trading Co   Crush Ground Zero Situation Two
3:10pm Kellar   In Conversation with the Contrarian Sacred Cyclical Pilgrimage Foolproof Projects
3:17pm Milenasong   White Fish Can't Tape Forever Monika Enterprise
3:23pm Kazutoki Umezu   Tour Without Passport First Deserter Knitting Factory Records
3:25pm Porest   Passport Please Modern Journal of Popular Savagery Nashazphone
3:30pm Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy   INS Greencard A-19 191 500 Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury 4th & B'way
3:32pm Roche   Circadian Rhythm AXT Jacktone
3:41pm Un Festin Sagital   El Final (Tango Fallido) Bestias Solares Black Horizons
3:42pm Phonopsychographdisk   Employment Crystal Rooster Turbulence Chest (Live At Slim's) Jasrac
3:46pm Toiletooth   Dating Lesbians Cool Water Cologne Ewe of Now Recordings
3:53pm Radar Men From The Moon   Habitual Subversive I Fuzz Club
4:01pm Gary Numan   Metal Pleasure Principle, The Beggars Banquet
4:05pm The Rebel   Iran's Nuclear Threat Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable Sacred Bones Records
4:10pm Solo Andata   Separate Lovers In The Lens 12K
4:15pm Raajmahal   PERIHELION Raajmahal Kelippah
4:16pm Sophia   The Unclean Unclean Cyclic Law
4:27pm Monkey Puzzle Trio   Knight, Rook, Bishop Leaving Jet Trails Slowfoot
4:33pm Quentin Tolimieri   Different Weights and Sizes Piano Pfmentum
4:36pm Craig Leon   One Hundred Steps Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol.1 Rvng Intl.
4:40pm Leah P   Noise Show Ochiai Soup Tokyo Live In Japan Oxen
4:40pm Von Deyen, Adelbert   Per Aspera Ad Astra Sternzeit Bureau B.
4:52pm Peeesseye   Let The Hate Flow Sci Fi Deathmask Humansacrifice
5:09pm Roedelius Schneider   Mild Tiden Bureau-b
5:14pm Wave Temples   1 Isle Enchanted Not Not Fun
5:15pm Codona   Que Faser Codona 2 ECM Records
5:26pm Trentemoller   Sinus Fixion In My Room
5:33pm John Bender   Plaster Plaster Falling Superior Viaduct
5:41pm Brast Burn   Debon Part 1 Debon Paradigm Discs