Pete Dixon

Monday 3 April 2017 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:05pm The Ford Theatre   Theme For The Masses Trilogy For The Masses ABC Records
7:07pm Fairfield Parlour   Soldier In The Flesh From Home To Home
7:13pm Filipe Felizardo   Sede e Morte Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol.1 Discrepant
7:13pm Zaimph   Equinox Reprise Between the Infinite and the Finite Yew
7:22pm Other Houses   Jar of Marbles Fabulous Dates Aagoo Records
7:26pm Arcadium   Walk On The Bad Side Breathe Awhile Green Tree
7:35pm Jeweled Snakes   Primate Jeweled Snakes Resipiscent Records
7:39pm The Faith Healers   Bobby Kopper Too Pure-The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit
7:43pm Azailia Snail   It Grows On You Prescription #7
7:45pm Jim Haynes   Oscar Wires Cracked, The Editions Mego
7:49pm Stone Circus   Mr. Grey Stone Circus Mainstream Records
7:51pm Amps For Christ   Pulse Hammond Plains of Alluvial, The Water Wing Records
7:56pm High Plains   Cinderland Cinderland Kranky
8:02pm Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council   I'm Grievin' And I'm Worryin' Carolina Blues (1936-1950) HK Records
8:04pm Johnnie Temple   Up Today & Down Tomorrow Johnnie Temple: 1935-1939 Document Records
8:07pm Hattie Hart   I Let My Daddy Do That Memphis Girls (1929-1935) RST Records
8:12pm Blind Joe Taggart   Been Listening All Day Blind Joe Taggart - Vol. 1 (1926-1928) Document Records
8:14pm Willie Reed   Some Low Down Groundhog Blues Texas Blues (1927-1935) Document Records
8:17pm Barbecue Bob   Good Time Rounder Chocolate to the Bone Yazoo Records
8:22pm Frances Wallace   Smother Me Blues Frances Wallace & Clara Burston (1929-1930) Document Records
8:26pm Billy Bird   Mill Man Blues Country Blues Collectors Items (1928-1933) RST Records
8:29pm Sonny Scott   Man Man Man Sonny Scott (1933) RST Records
8:32pm Color Humano   Sangre Del Sol Color Humano II Sagara
8:37pm Ronnie Von   Rose Ann A Mistteriosa Luta Do Reino De Parassempre Contra o Imperio Discos Renovacao
8:43pm Tomorrows Tulips   He Quits Experimental Jelly Burger Records
8:48pm Scott Walker   Versailles Childhood of a Leader, The 4AD / Beggars Group
8:48pm Trance to the Sun   Max Mystic Via Subterranea Below Sea Level Recordings
8:54pm Moth Eggs   Recipe of Love Adventures Away OSR
8:57pm The Three Johns   A.W.O.L. A.W.O.L. Abstract Records
9:02pm Graham Repulski   Octopus Bribes Octopus Bribes All Tens Music
9:04pm The End   Mister Man Retrospection Tenth Planet Records
9:07pm Beauregard Ajax   Feather In A Bottle Deaf Priscilla Shadoks Music
9:10pm Applehead   Peel Art Applehead's Rache Pre-Cert Home Entertainment
9:14pm Chris Forsyth   Boston St Lullaby no.1 Kenzo Deluxe Northern Spy
9:20pm The Dead Texan   The Struggle Dead Texan, the Kranky
9:26pm The For Carnation   Being Held For Carnation, The Touch and Go Records
9:31pm The Bongolian   B-Boy Toga Party Moog Maximus Blow Up Records
9:34pm Swimming In Bengal   Dwunk Garden of Idle Hands Baggage Claim
9:34pm Samurai   Four Seasons Green Tea Metronome Records
9:44pm Matthew Collings   Paris Is Burning Splintered Instruments Denovali Records
9:50pm Harry Bertoia   Perfetta Clear Sounds Important Records
9:58pm The Who   The Rock Quadrophenia MCA