Pete Dixon

Monday 24 April 2017 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm Parson Sound   Tio Minuter (Ten Minutes) Parson Sound Subliminal Sounds
7:14pm Richard Barrett   Nacht Und Traume: LV - Vll Music For Cello and Electronics Aeon
7:17pm Bjorn Olsson   Instrumental Bjorn Olsson Mesmer Detector
7:20pm Lah Nai   In a Foreign Country I Remember Karenni Pan Records
7:20pm Can   Come Sta, La Luna Soon Over Babaluma United Artists
7:28pm Rashad Becker   Dances VI Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II Pan
7:32pm Nudge   Remove Ya Cached Kranky
7:38pm Leitkegel   Leitkegel 2 Leitkegel Perscription (Drug 5)
7:43pm Suzuki Junzo   La Course Du Lievre a Travers Les Champs La Course Du Lievre a Travers Les Champs Plunk's Plan Recordings
7:57pm Matt Baldwin   Jealous Woman Paths of Ignition American Dust
8:01pm Jackson Blue Boys   Sweet Alberta Charlie McCoy & Walter Vincson: 1928-1936 Earl Archives
8:05pm Papa Charlie Jackson   Baby, Don't You Be So Mean Papa Charlie Jackson (1924-1934) RST Records
8:09pm Mary Dixon   Daddy You Got Everything Blue Girls Volume 2: 1928-1930 Document Records
8:13pm Charley Patton   Bird Nest Bound The Complete Paramount Recordings Paramount Records
8:16pm Barbecue Bob   It Won't Be Long Now - Part 2 Barbecue Bob (Robert Hicks) 1927-30 Matchbox Records
8:20pm Jimmie Gordon   Gone Gal Jimmie Gordon (1934-1937) Old Tramp Records
8:25pm Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie   On Our Turpentine Farm I've Got The Blues, But I'm Too Damn Mean to Cry JSP Records
8:27pm Bull City Red   I Saw The Light Bull City Red (1935-1939) Document Records
8:31pm Applehead   Peel Art Applehead's Rache Pre-Cert Home Entertainment
8:35pm The Bongolian   Londinium Calling Moog Maximus Blow Up Records
8:41pm Zbigniew Priesner   Dekalog VI - Part 4 Dekalog (Original Soundtrack) Silva Screen Records Ltd.
8:43pm Anjou   Glamr Epithymia Kranky
8:48pm Mooch   Alien Consciousness 3001 Taste
8:52pm The Orange Seaweed   Pictures In The Sky Rubble 7: Pictures In The Sky Past & Present Records
8:57pm The Sea-ders   For Your Information The Sea-ders Symbol
8:58pm Lazy Smoke   How Did You Die? Corridor Of Faces Onyx Records
9:02pm High Plains   The Dusk Pines Cinderland Kranky
9:08pm Jim Haynes   Oscar Wires Cracked, The Editions Mego
9:14pm Amps For Christ   Chromium Molybdinum Plains of Alluvial, The Water Wing Records
9:15pm Swimming In Bengal   Night Squirrels Garden of Idle Hands Baggage Claim
9:20pm Gee Brothers   Let Me Find The Sun
9:24pm St. Steven   Sun In Flames The Bastiche
9:25pm Mogollar   Dag Ve Cocuk Mogollar Diskotur
9:30pm Josef Wissem & Jarmusch   The Sun of the Natural World Is Pure Fire Concerning the Entrance into Eternity Important Records
9:40pm Prisma   Light Light Cosmic Coil, The Time-Lag Records
9:46pm Pony   *1 El Dorado Homestead
9:51pm T.I.M.E.   I Really Love You T.I.M.E. Liberty Records
9:51pm Dragonfly   Miles Away Dragonfly Megaphone Records