Thursday 8 June 2017 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Veldhoven W Van   [Untitled 3] Mort Aux Vaches Staalplaat
10:08pm The Subs   Dry Lemon Decontrol Lectroluv
10:10pm Autechre   Pencha Cichlisuite (1) Warp Records, Ltd.
10:19pm Clicks   TV (Debut) Glitch Cargo Collective
10:22pm Xome   Incredulous Xome/Boar Breaching Static
10:25pm Jamie Lie Kwie   Butt Matthias Tanzmann Fabric 65 Fabric Records
10:31pm Yunx   Dis Go Funk Ur Ass 5.00 Sampler Ai Records 2000-2005 Ai Records
10:38pm Skream   One Fot The Heads Who Remember Skreamizm Vol. 5 Tempa
10:42pm Baraki   Wa To Yoni
10:47pm Van Der Aa, Michel   OOG - For Violoncello and Soundtrack Above Between Attach Donemus
10:50pm Mimmo Rotella   Poeme- phonetiques 1949-1963 S/R
10:57pm Ulrich Krieger   Back to The Future, California (Action Hills 1-4) Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners, The Sub Rosa
11:01pm Trentemoller   Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches TM Rmx Trentemoller Chronicles, The Audiomatique Recordings
11:08pm Nurse With Wound   Great Ball of Fur Sylvie and Babs Lay
11:16pm Throbbing Gristle   (Telephone) Grief Thirsty Ear Recordings
11:24pm Mezzetin   Mingling Haus Odd Scene Kinda Is Records
11:26pm Andrzej Korzynski   Track 1 Diabel Soundtrack (1972) Dolor Del Estamago
11:31pm DJ Nate   Ima Dog Bangs & Works Vol.1
11:34pm Distorted Minds   Slither Slither/Typecast Breakbeat Culture Records
11:39pm Jack Hertz & Total E.T.   The Newcomer Solarized Aural Films
11:46pm Charles Albright   Louie Louie II Croissants, The/Charles Albright Pleasant Screams Records
11:56pm Hoosier Hot Shots   Them Hill Billies Are Mountain Williams Now Everybody Stomp Proper Records
12:00am Bastard Nosie   Skinning Humans Alive That Wear Fur Bastard Noise / Brutalomania Skull Records
12:02am Bastard Noise   Garroting Vivisectors Bastard Noise / Brutalomania Skull Records
12:03am Sun Children Sun   Parestina S/ T SPHC
12:05am Helena Hauff   29acid3 A Tape Dark Entries
12:12am Sonic Solution   Turbulence In Order to Dance 5 R&S
12:19am Rex the Dog   I Look Into Mid Air Kompakt Total 6 Kompakt Schallplatten
12:25am The Rice Twins   The Signifer Kompakt Total 9 Kompakt Schallplatten
12:31am Phong Sui   WIntermute (Burger/Voigt Mix) Kompakt Total 5 Kompakt Schallplatten
12:35am Walls   Hang Four (Allez-Allez Mix) Kompakt Total 11 Kompakt Schallplatten
12:42am Unknown   Two Unknown Women Singing
12:45am Vixen/Slant From Korea/Puzoozoo Walt   (In)sense Beneath The Surface Celestial Recordings
12:47am Cloud Becomes Your Hand   Theme From Baby Age Rock Or Cakes Feeding Tube Records
12:52am Pedestrian   Jane 2: Electric Boogaloo Anticon Label Sampler Anticon
12:54am Cloudland Canyon   Rebuilding Capture An Arabesque Medical Records
12:58am Valis   Black Wax Altered Beats Axiom
1:04am Club Foot Orchestra   Zoogaloo Kidnapped Ralph Records
1:08am Adventure Time   Kappabashi Dreams of Water Themes Plug Research
1:10am Cluster   21:32 71 4 Men with Beards
1:15am Martha Rosler   What's Your Name Little Girl?
1:24am Grosse Abfahrt   Warum Stromlinienform? Luftschifffeiertagserinnerungfotoalbum Setola Di Maiale
1:30am Clean Girls   Young Sweat Despite You Accidental Guest Recordings
1:34am Thomas Carnacki   You Have Not Given Us Cups, So We Shall Use Our Beaks Where's My Love,My Eyes Are Gone,The Rains Are Coming Alethiometer
1:39am Nels Cline/Chris Corsano/Carlos Giffoni   GRADUATION- Custom GRADUATION FREE103POINT9
1:43am Terry Callier   It Will Not Be Long Love, 'til Our Wedding Day Live At Mother Blues 1964 Premonition Records
1:49am Klang   Chicago Spaces (Coda) Brooklyn Lines...Chicago Spaces Allos Musica
1:52am Clinic   The New Seeker Visitations Domino Recording Co Ltd
1:55am Those Who Walk Away   Second Partially Recollected Conversation Infected Mass, The Constellation