Thursday 6 July 2017 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Mukqs   Tulpoid Serpent 11,666,666,666,666,666,666 Midwich Productions
Asher Levitas   Sheathe Lit Harness Planet Mu
Epidemic   Hate Decameron Hymen Records
Impaled   Masters of Ordure The Last Gasp
Id M Theft Able   E Vent Y Llama Asucars Cave Bears / Id M Theft Able Feeding Tube Records
Svarrogh   The Old Mill Yer Su Ahnstern
Whitehouse   Quality Time Quality Time Susan Lawly
Demons   Mutation Invisible Darkness AA Records
No Trend   Mass Sterilization Teen Love No Trend
Wicked Lady   Passion Psychotic Overkill Guerssen
Florence Walker/Phil Walker (Recorded By)   Ketchak (Monkey) Dance Sounds From The Archipelago Vol. 1 Shiok! Records
Horse Lords   Who Taught You to Hate Yourself Horse Lords Ehse Records
Midori Takada   Crossing Through The Looking Glass We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Biosphere   Black Mesa Petrified Forest, The Biophon Records
Annea Lockwood   Duende, 1997 Breaking The Surface Lovely Music Ltd.
Ra Al Dee Experience   Moses Geht Den Exodus Diatessaron Ajna Offensive
Sarah Davachi   For Strings All My Circles Run Students of Decay
Orphx   Excruciate Archive 1993/1994 Mannequin Records
Cartilage   Back Seat Victim Dialect of The Dead Self Released
Maladie   Manufactura Del Miedo Maladie Great Plains Records
Glochids   Net (Orgel) Ni Fila Ascetic House
Dodsmaskin   Christoffer Orning Fullstendig Brent Malignant Records
Bardo Pond   Under The Pines Under The Pines Fire Records
Silvester Anfang II   The Devil Always Shits In The Same Graves Pt. 1 Silvester Anfang II Aurora Borealis
Tongues   Void Meditation Thelesis Ignis I, Voidhanger Records