Teachers AIDS

Tuesday 18 July 2017 2:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02am Thorofon   Oral Harassment Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
KK Null   Part 2 (20:20) Extropy Zero One Nux Organization
would you like to be an elephant
2:26am Zavoloka   Return to Previous Energy Syngonia Kvitnu Records
tubby said oh gosh oh gee
Bad Algorithm   Browning Tongues Worthless Recordings
2:40am Alfarmania   Skvaderkadaver
2:43am i tisket i tasket
2:59am Florence Walker/Phil Walker (Recorded By)   Gandrung Bulo (Bamboo Drums) Sounds From The Archipelago Vol. 1 Shiok! Records
a little black bug
3:02am MNortham/JGrinzich   Eluvium Stomach of The Sky, The Staalplaat
i smell a boy
Jonathan Badger   Nimbus Verse Cuneiform Records
3:21am Long Distance Poison   Mosa Twin Lights Twin Lights Prison Tatt Records
3:25am Wolfgang Voigt   Apodiktische Gewissheit / Original Mix Apodiktische Gewissheit Profan
hook mark
3:45am Pyramid Club   It's All Grey Strategies Against The Body Vol. 2 DKA Records
pussy's in the well
3:58am Tribe of Circle (disc2)   Cyclides Versus Cynodontes Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
4:03am Eaten Alive
Philip Bader   Whisper Wishful Thinking Highgrade Records
4:40am Dromez   This Is The Pain That You Asked For Conflict Tactics Scale Abject Renaissance
5:22am Eaten Alive
5:43am Toroidh   No Hope For Unity Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
5:46am Bizarre Uproar   Verilippu Vihameditaatio
5:55am Vitriol   Interiora I-VII Neurot Recordings
6:01am recognize what you can't see
Philip Bader   Surfing Sabine Wishful Thinking Highgrade Records
Christine Baczewska   As Any Fool Can Plainly See Tribe of One Pariah
6:28am Marchetti/Noetinger/Werchowski   Improvisation Recorded On November 25, 1998, In Turin Italy Marchetti / Noetinger / Werchowski Corpus Hermeticum
6:29am The 7th Plain   Surface Bound Chronicles I A-TON
6:34am MS Gentur   Potus Forty-five Forms of Hands 17 Hands
6:37am Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus   Nyah Man Say Nyahbinghi Sunspot Records
6:41am Maldur Atai   Special Child Borgata Autarkeia
6:45am Crystal Viper   When The Sun Goes Down Queen Of The Witches
6:50am Graveland   Legion of Giants Memory and Destiny No Colours Records
7:00am Havukruunu   Myrskynkutsuja Kelle Surut Soi
7:06am Verivala   Kohti Thti Voittomme Autistiartili Records
7:13am Ra Al Dee Experience   Das Aleph, Welches Der Ewige, Gelobet Sei Er, Am Berge Sinai Diatessaron Ajna Offensive
7:13am Maldur Atai   Prophet of Evil Borgata Autarkeia
7:24am Nocturnal Depression   Join Me With Suicide Soundtrack For A Suicide ? Opus II Sun & Moon
7:36am Emperor   Forgotten Centuries Emperor / Wrath of The Tyrant Candlelight (UK)
7:40am Orphx   Gestation Archive 1993/1994 Mannequin Records
7:44am Pessimist   Peter Hitchens Through The Fog / Peter Hitchens Blackest Ever Black
7:51am Cadaver   Tuba/Ignominious Eczema Hallucinating Anxiety
7:55am Oozepus   Your Limit Your Limit Malignant Records
7:59am Barbara   Pest Control A Blessing From the Angel of Death Heart & Crossbone
8:02am Katharsis   Reckoning Fourth Reich Ajna Records
8:13am Tongues   Bloodline of The Blind Thelesis Ignis I, Voidhanger Records
8:13am Multiple Man   Power Fantasy New Metal DKA Records
8:17am Asher Levitas   Premature Exit Lit Harness Planet Mu
8:26am Kites Sail High   Action Figures Alone/Secrets Life's Blood
8:36am Cult of Daath   Bestial Atonement (Mountains of Burning Offal) Slit Throats and Ritual Nights
8:44am Hour of 13   Deny The Cross 333 Eyes Like Snow
8:52am Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin   Tichampet Vodou Drums In Haiti 2 Soul Jazz
8:54am IRM   Anatomy:Artaud Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
8:58am Eryck Abecassis & Francisco Meirino   Perdu La Gueule Du Loup Fragment Factory
9:01am Glochids   Mossoao Ni Fila Ascetic House
9:05am Gnosis   Gnosis Third-Eye Gate, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:09am Hellhammer   Buried and Forgotten Demon Entrails Century Media
9:14am Fuckmorgue   Like The City Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten Mass Deadening
9:15am Fuckmorgue   Hooker With a Heart of Gold Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten Mass Deadening
9:18am Antichrist   Granice Wolnosci Antichrist/ Intensity Trajaca Fala
9:23am Through The Eyes of Carrion   Condemnation Passing, The Blackmetal.Com
9:28am Leather Chalice   Good Intentions Human Bodies / Leather Chalice Prison Tatt Records
9:28am Femacoffin   Dismal Twlight Femacoffin Brainsand
9:34am Tod Dockstader   Piece #7 Eight Electronic Pieces Etats-Unis
9:39am Frowning   Murdered by Grief Funeral Impressions
9:54am Endvra   The Watcher Watcher, The Old Europa Cafe