Monotone Heroine

Thursday 3 August 2017 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:11am DJ Screw   One Day
2:12am Echo Beds   Arsonist Alibi Pt. 2 Arsonist Alibi Free Alex
2:17am Rex The Dog   Teufelsberg Kompakt Total 16 Kompakt Schallplatten
2:25am The Dead C   South Patience Badabing Records
2:40am Secret Boyfriend   Memorize Them Well Memory Care Unit Blackest Ever Black
2:43am Prurient   I Superstition/Nymph Prurient Hanson Records
2:53am Merzbow   Rice Cake Nezumimochi Cold Spring Records UK
2:56am Wolf Eyes   Choking Flies No Answer-Lower Floors De Stijl Records
3:00am Bardo Pond   Out of Reach Under The Pines Fire Records
3:13am Open City   Engram Sepals L.A., We Revise Your Neglect Thin Rist / Drone Disco
3:17am Harvestman   Cromlech Music For Megaliths Neurot Recordings
3:23am Skullflower   Feral Alchemy Black Iron That Has Fell From The Stars..., The Nashazphone
3:30am Cobalt   Siege Slow Forever
3:35am King Woman   Degrida Degrida / Sick Bed Sleep Genius
3:38am Botanist   Nourishing The Fetus (Mandragora IV) IV: Mandragora Flenser
3:43am Demons   Deviation Invisible Darkness AA Records
3:46am White Suns   Carrion Totem Flenser
3:53am Burmese  
3:54am Tecumseh   Crossing Divides Anarchymoon Recordings
4:13am Reverend Bizarre   Funeral Summer Reverend Bizarre III: So Long Suckers Www.spikefarm.fi
4:26am Dephosphorus   On The Verge of an Occurence Axiom 7 Degrees Records
4:27am Weekend Nachos   World Genocide Apology Deep Six
4:29am Pig Destroyer   Gravedancer Terrifyer Relapse
4:32am Vomitor   Hunter For Blood Bleeding The Priest Metal Blood Music
4:35am Raven   to The Limit - to The Top Wiped Out Neat Records
4:43am Pig Heart Transplant   Pigs For Mass Consumption 20 Buck Spin
4:45am Monocube   Totem Incantation Rituals, The Malignant Records
4:52am Vhol   Songs Set to Await Forever Vhol Profound Lore
4:59am Wold   S.O.L. Freermasonry Profound Lore
5:05am Full of Hell/Merzbow   Blue Litmus Full of Hell / Merzbow Profound Lore Records
5:08am Birchville Cat Motel   Heavens Flaming Horse Our Love Will Destroy The World Pseudo Arcana
5:19am Cadaverous Condition   Death Warmed Up (CC Vs Holy McGrail) Destroying The Night Sky Klang Galerie
5:23am Fire-Toolz   All Deth Is U2 [Codename_Guided Access] Drip Mental Hausu Mountain
5:25am Tifaret   Lara Strategies Against The Body Vol. 2 DKA Records
5:28am Kit Clayton   Untitled Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) Vertical Form
5:37am Ryoji Ikeda   C6:: Counterpoint 0 Degrees C Touch