Joe Friday

Tuesday 29 August 2017 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:06pm A Western Front   Making Rumours Come On Johnny/Making Rumours Unknown Label
2:07pm Sun City Girls   Distorted Views Wah Abduction
2:31pm Hawkwind   Night of the Hawks In the Dirtbox Vol 2 Dirtbox
2:36pm VOCO   Pieces of Powell Walcott Sessions Edgetone Records
2:45pm Wicker Man, the (soundtrack)   Loving Couples Wicker Man, the Trunk Records
2:48pm Rude   ReBoot(instrumentalarium) Remnants... FDA Rekotz
2:56pm Astronauta Pinguim   Wir Sind Nicht Allein Zeitgeist/Propaganda Pineapple Music
2:57pm Thrusters   Soul Surf Stomp In the Dirtbox Vol 3 Dirtbox
3:02pm Berzerkers   Mail Guano In the Dirtbox Vol 1 KFJC
3:05pm Trashwomen   Batteries In the Dirtbox Vol 1 KFJC
3:06pm Smart Dads   Bummer Summer Bummer Summer Radio Raheem
3:10pm Smart Dads   Barking Dogs Bummer Summer Radio Raheem
3:15pm Carl Stalling   Speedy Gonzalez/Meets Two Crows From Taco Carl Stalling Project (Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, The Warner Bros.
3:25pm The Plugz   Reel Ten Repo Man Unknown
3:27pm Junior Kelly   Jam for a While Tough Life VP Records
3:32pm The Plugz   Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) Repo Man Unknown
3:33pm Junior Brown   Rock-A-Hula Baby Long Walk Back Curb Nash Vegas
3:39pm The Argonauts   Arrival Proxima B Accretions
3:47pm The Baja Surf Trio   Pintor Battle of The Surf Bands VII KFJC
3:57pm Fascinating Creatures of The Deep   Panic At The Point Battle of The Surf Bands VII KFJC
3:58pm The GnarlyMen   Catavena Battle of The Surf Bands VII KFJC
3:58pm Meshugga Beach Party   Latkes Battle of The Surf Bands VII KFJC
4:00pm Insect Surfers   Datura Moon Datura Moon Kallaalit Nunaat Music
4:15pm Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction   High Priest of Love Return of The Living Dead Part 2 Island
4:16pm Mallards   Migration KFJC Cart Archives #12
4:25pm Half Japanese   Here We Are Hear the Lions Roar Fire Records
4:25pm Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman   Hana Nu Kajimaya Jin Jin/Firefly World Music Network
4:28pm Kanui and Lula   Oua Oua (1933) Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era, Vol. 1 (1925-1936) Asherah
4:34pm The Kilaueas   Universal Spy Wiki Waki Woooo All Score Media
4:42pm The Mermen   The Whales Krill Slippin' Kelptone Records
4:43pm The Mermen   Between I and Thou A Glorious Lethal Euphoria Toadophile Records Inc.
4:59pm Kites Sail High   Pollen Alone/Secrets Life's Blood
4:59pm Kites Sail High   Climbing Trees Alone/Secrets Life's Blood
5:01pm Galaxie 500   Isn't It a Pity On Fire Rough Trade, Inc.
5:13pm Bruce Lacey   Music From Everybody's Nobody (1960) Spacey Bruce Lacey, The (Vol. 1) Trunk Records
5:42pm X.Y.R.   Febribus Labyrinth Not Not Fun
5:58pm U. Srinivas   Brova Harama Mandolin Ecstasy Oriental Records, Inc.
7:00pm Surf Cinema   Live at Hotel Utah 6-4-2006 KFJC KFJC
7:01pm Three Balls of Fire   Live in KFJC Pit 8-3-2013 KFJC KFJC