Teachers AIDS

Monday 9 October 2017 12:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
12:04am Toroidh   Among Us European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
12:09am Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere   I Invoke... Those Who Dwell Beyond Black Mass Records
12:39am Eb.Er/Lanz/GXPJH/Dando   for amplified brainwaves Wellenfeld: for amplified brainwaves Fragment Factory
12:50am Sailor Winters   Naquin Oxen Moon Stick Figure Recordings
12:58am Proud Father   - Nothing Fun Jouissance Du Rien
1:03am Sister Iodine   You/Lacerate Flame Desastre Ideologic Organ
1:08am Roman Torment   Untitled Skin Game PACrec
1:13am Pain Jerk   Hello America (Excerpt 17th May) Live At The No Fun Fest No Fun
1:16am Toroidh   Testament IIII European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
1:23am The Gerogerigegege   Her Name's On My Cock Extreme Music From Japan Susan Lawley
1:31am Solitary Torture   Sick Man Lurking Solitary Torture Scrummage
1:38am Post Mortem Klinik   HUMAN/FILTH I Human / Filth Distorted Press
1:42am Niku-Zidousha   untitled Extreme Music From Japan
1:50am Anenzephalia   Mechanical Rape Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008) Tesco
1:53am Aeon Nought   ...Mind Fades Away Those Who Dwell Beyond Black Mass Records
1:59am Toroidh   Testament I European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
2:03am Raison D'etre   Katharos Mise En Abyme Transgredient Records
Government Alpha   powersupply Extreme Music From Japan
2:15am Halalnihil   Szuzkartya Betorese Forrasztopakaval Mysogynyandry L.White Records
2:24am Navicon Torture Techologies   Post-Partem Scenes From The Next Millennium Malignant Records
2:27am Nicole 12   Ballerina Substitute Freak Animal Records
2:32am House Reverends   Butterbeans House Revs Monofonus Press
2:35am Myka 9   This Dark Moon Teleported Self Produced
2:38am Esoteric and Stu Bangas   The Danger Machete Mode
2:43am Wizdumb   Rock Tha Casbah ( Feat. Leland Jones) Shadows Lo-Flydelity Records
2:45am Bizarre   Animal Blue Cheeze & Coney Island
2:49am Sects   Koketten Glas Pretending Fucked Oxen
2:51am Robochanman   Track 1 Is 6 Parts Remote Control Militia Msbr
3:13am William Butler Yeats   Under Ben Bulben (read by MacLiammoir) Poems of William Butler Yeats, The Spoken Arts, Inc.
3:16am Anthony Pateras   Burton's Lullaby Errors of The Human Body Ideologic Organ
3:23am Brian May   The Strobe Patrick XOZMIQ
3:25am Knurl   Tetramatrix Americanoise Mother Savage Noise Prod.
3:31am Krzysztof Penderecki   Untitled Manuscript Found At Saragoss, The Obuh Records
3:40am Morthound   Syzygy Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World Beautiful, The Cold Meat Industry
3:45am Zaimph   Signal Aggression Sexual Infinity Hospital Productions
3:51am Gasp.   Dug In Second Foul Fuck Mtn. Label Records
4:01am Dead Man's Hill   The Road of The Antichrist Spirits Steinklang
4:08am Black Whispers   Intro (useless Existence) Shades of Bleakness Prison Tatt Records
4:11am Morgen Wurde   Erfullten Sirenen Brach Auf Time Released Sound
4:15am Black Whispers   Gloom Shades of Bleakness Prison Tatt Records
4:23am Exo_C   Intro Laboyatta Kvitnu Records
Nod   Emerald-Eyes and a Ruby... Nihil Cold Meat Industry
4:36am Austere   Memories Withering Illusions and Desolation
4:44am Demonologists   Trenchant Flesh Monolith S/t Prison Tatt Records
4:48am The Farmer Boys   Oh How It Hurts S/T Country Music History
4:50am Hair Police   Intrinsic to The Execution Certainty of Swarms No Fun
5:03am Howls of Ebb   Bellowed Howls of Ebb/ Khthoniik Ceviiks Iron Bonehead Productions
5:06am Bestial Raids   Darkness Visible Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
Soul Vendors   Frozen Soul Studio One Scorcher Vol. 2 Soul Jazz
5:15am Marduk   In Conspiracty with Satan Tribute to Bathory
5:18am Halla   Ashes of Flesh Aurvandil / Halla nokturnal transmissions
5:21am Scarecrow   Jestem W Tobie Deo Optimo Maximo Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:24am The Communion   Atrocity Conduit A Desired Level of Unease Prison Tatt
5:29am Blood of Kingu   Cyclopean Temples of the Old Ones Sun in the House of the Scorpion Candlelight
5:35am Glass Coffin   My Hammer Will Decide My Fate Haunted By The Ghosts of The Damned Prison Tatt Records
5:37am Nasser Rastegar-Nejad   Segah Music of Iran Santur Recital Lyrichord Discs, Inc
Iwaki/SSO Featuring Hiroyuki Koinuma   Highlights Ran Fantasy Records
5:50am Ives   Abandon Abandon Prison Tatt Records
5:53am Blood Cult   Illinoisan We are the Cult of the Plains