Thursday 19 October 2017 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Muslimgauze   Hebron Massacre Hebron Massacre Soleilmoon Recordings
10:22pm Wolf Eyes   T.O.D.D. I Am a Problem: Mind In Pieces Third Man Records
10:30pm Wolf Eyes   Village Oblivia Burned Mind Sub Pop Records
10:35pm Ty Segall   Imaginary Person Melted Goner Records
10:41pm C. Barnett   Pedestrian At Best Sometimes I Sit and Think & sometimes I Just Sit Mom & Pop
10:45pm Mr. Wrong   Troll Babes In Boyland Water Wing Records
10:47pm Sweet Talk   Microphone Flash of Light 12XU (Austin, TX)
10:50pm The Hissyfits   Superstar Letters From Frank Topqualityrockandroll.Com
10:53pm Logan Hone   Get In The Car Variety Show S/R
10:55pm Sonic Chicken 4   Sonic Night Sonic Chicken 4 Bachelor Records
10:58pm Golden Triangle   Jungle Jim Golden Triangle / Fresh & Onlys Hardly Art
11:02pm Burn   You Can't Stop Me From the Ashes Bridge Nine
11:04pm The Kent 3   Speedball Stories of the New West Super Electro
11:06pm The Ken Ardley Playboys   Museum We've Got Ken Lucky Garage Records
11:08pm The James Rocket   We Are Here For You We Are Here For You/ Derby Girl Tepid Jelly
11:15pm Gonads   Sandra Bigg (Really Big) Pure Punk for Raw People Secret Records
11:18pm Rottenfux   Sick of Life Rottenfux Six Weeks
11:19pm Rottenfux   I Like Drugs Rottenfux Six Weeks
11:21pm Kicking Giant   Track 5 Nature Morte Fortune 4
11:24pm Cardiacs   R.E.S. A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window Alphabet Business Concern, The
11:30pm Certain General   Hello My God Holiday of Love Labor Records
11:37pm Drowning Pool   Game Room Satori Fundamental
11:43pm Thomas Anderson   Pensacola On Becoming Human Out There Records
11:48pm The Fall   Stephen Song Wonderful and Frightening, the Jem Records, Inc
11:51pm Wicker Man, the (soundtrack)   Willow's Song Wicker Man, the Trunk Records
11:55pm Featherbeard   The Songe Befour The Next Songe Is The Best Incantations S
11:59pm The Golding Institute   Hot Dog on a Stick Sounds of The American Fast Food Restaurants Planet Pimp Records
12:06am Ake Hodell   USS Pacific Ocean Verbal Brainwash & Other Works Fylkingen Records
12:28am Lance Dibblee   Lost In Space Shock Borft Records
12:46am Aaron Dilloway   Side 2 Corpse On Horseback Ergot Records
1:01am Luxury Apartments   Luxury Apartments #2 Luxury Apartments Dead Cert
1:13am Maraudeur   Computer Dreams Maraudeur Bruit Direct Disques
1:16am Beat Pharmacy   Everything to Gain Density ZamZam Sounds
1:21am Lockweld   Some Will Survive, Some Will Not Extreme America 3 Knot Music
1:23am Audible XXY   Flying Too Close To The Sun Extreme America 3 Knot Music
1:24am Better Disease   Duo-Trio/Untitled Finale Extreme America 3 Knot Music
1:26am Darto   Aging Human Giving Aaagoo Records
1:29am +Dog+   Degeneration 1 Diogenes Love Earth Music
1:34am Tony Molina   Banshee Confront The Truth Slumberland Records
1:35am Tim Kaiser   Mercury Inferior Planets Creme DeMentia Records
1:35am Tim Kaiser   Helios Inferior Planets Creme DeMentia Records
1:41am Lawrence Crane   Enoesque Piece Craniostomy Vol. 1 1981-1987 BUFMS
1:47am Jean Ferrat   Camarade Les Annees Barclay JBarclay
1:49am Big Pimp Jones   FRY CHICKEN IN YOUR HOT PANTS Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus Freestyle Records
1:52am Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   A Resolute Nothing Unlistening Place, The Afterdays Media