Thighs Anonymous

Monday 6 November 2017 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:07pm Rick Deitrick   Gentle Wilderness Gentle Wilderness Tompkins Square
7:11pm Faust   Meadow Meal Faust Rer Megacorp
7:21pm Comus   The Herald First Utterance Earmark
7:28pm Pikacyu-Makoto   Castle of Sand Galaxilympics Upset The Rhythm
7:31pm Ryoji Ikeda   Test Pattern #0100 Test Pattern Raster-Noton
7:34pm Forest Swords   The Light Dagger Paths E.P. No Pain Pop
7:41pm Sun Ra   The Lady With the Golden Stockings In the Orbit of Ra Strut
7:51pm DBH   Untitled Masterpieces of Objective Reporting Faux-Pas Recordings
7:53pm Pierre Henry   After Death 1 Le Voyage Mercury Records
8:01pm Lil Johnson   Sam--The Hot Dog Man 1936-1937 RST Records
8:04pm Harlem Hamfats   Mellow Little Devil Harlem Hamfats (1936-1939) Document Records
8:07pm Casey Bill Weldon   You're Laughing Now Red Hot Blues 1927-1937 Document Records
8:13pm Johnnie Temple   Cherry Ball Johnnie Temple, (1935-1939) Document Records
8:16pm Casey Bill Weldon   Brown-Skin Mama (Washboard Rhythm Kings) 1935-1937 Remaining Titles & Alternate Takes Document Records
8:22pm Lil Johnson   Meat Balls Johnson, Lil (1935-1937) Document Records
8:24pm Johnnie Temple   Every Dog Must Have His Day Johnnie Temple, (1935-1939) Document Records
8:26pm Harlem Hamfats   Ooh-Wee Babe Harlem Hamfats (1936-1939) Document Records
8:39pm Chippendale-Gustafsson-Pupillo   Faces of Fear. Transformed. Melted Melt Trost
8:44pm Vibracathedral Orchestra   Live At Total Inertia (Part One) Live At Total Inertia Vanity Case Records
8:46pm Angels In America   Highway E-12 Narrow Road to The Interior Ehse Records
8:48pm Acousma   Nothing of Everything Acousma High Fashion Industries
8:50pm OO Species   Untitled Extreme America 3 Knot Music
8:55pm Gabor Szabo   Stronger than Us Sorcerer, the Impulse c/o MCA
8:58pm Baby Grandmothers   Somebody Keeps Calling My Name Baby Grandmothers Subliminal Sounds
9:11pm Sea Moss   Horsepox Bread Bored Crash Symbols
9:15pm Nerve Net Noise   Thousand Knocks Ju-Jikan: Ten Hours of 23five Inc.
9:18pm Astro   Solid State Spasm Japanese American Noise Treaty, The Relapse
9:23pm The Strangers   Two To Make A Pair Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges Now Again Records
9:24pm The Driving Stupid   Horror Asparagus Stories Pebbles Vol 3 BFD Records
9:28pm Pagans   Boy Can I Dance Good Cleveland Confidential Thermionic Records
9:30pm Peymont   Robot Cibernetica Intervallo
9:32pm Seafang   Solid Gold (A) Solid Gold/ Stardust Emotional Response Recordings
9:40pm Food   Last Supper Last Supper Rune Grammofon
9:44pm Los Siquicos Litoralenos   Cinta Planetaria (Planetary Ribbon) Sonido Chipadelico Sham Palace
9:47pm Las Sucias   Tetas Chupate Estas Label, The
9:54pm Maju   Fading Is The Presence of The Woman Maju-2 Extreme
9:57pm Machine Listener   Machine Perception Sentient System No Part of It