Honey Bear

Wednesday 3 January 2018 7:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:05pm Hissing   Deserted Veins Sutekh Hexen/ Hissing Flenser
7:25pm Primitive Man   My Will Caustic Relapse Records
7:37pm Dawnbringer   Night of the Sinner Three Soldiers Standing/ Night of the Sinner Onslaught of Steel
7:43pm Dying Fetus   Die With Integrity Wrong One to Fuck With Relapse Records
7:49pm Holocausto   Corpo Seco/ Mao Morta War Metal Massacre Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:58pm Hemotoxin   Minus Human Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
8:03pm Mortuous!!   Live in da Pit!!!
8:41pm Hell   Inscriptus Hell Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8:53pm Ignivomous   The World Upon Nihil Death Transmutation Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:53pm Deception   Convicted By Destination Nails Striking Offensive Sevared Records
8:55pm World Narcosis   Brainscam World Narcosis Vibraphone Records
9:15pm Autopsy   Pagan Saviour Severed Survival Beautamous Loaf International
9:39pm Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement   Chile's Crimson Tide Ambient Black Magic Hospital Productions
9:44pm Mortician   Stab Chainsaw Dismemberment Relapse
9:48pm Bone Sickness   Submit to Decay Alone In The Grave 20 Buck Spin
9:52pm Haggus   Unsuccessful Musician Haggus/ Couple Skate Trashfuck Records
9:57pm Bacteria   Aarrgghh!! 28 Trax Demo Regurgitated Semen Records
10:01pm Evil Moisture   Side a Creem-Lube Romantic Storage System Banned Prod.
10:24pm Couple Skate   Bloated Maggot Magnet Haggus/ Couple Skate Trashfuck Records
10:27pm Usnea   Eidolons and the Increate Portals Into Futility Relapse Records
10:46pm Tom Ware   Take Time to Hurry Tom Ware Dark Entries
10:46pm Patrick Harsh   Gore D. Howie Battles Big Time Part 1 Experiments Part 5 Trashfuck Records
11:02pm SfSound   Improvisation SfSound Collected Works Collective Works SfSound
11:15pm Karlheinz Stockhausen   Fische (Pisces) 1 Tierkreis/Zodiac - 12 Melodies of The Star Signs Wergo
11:16pm Brooklyn Rider   ArpRec1 1a Spontaneous Symbols In a Circle Records
11:22pm Brian Joseph Davis   Voice Over Definitive Host, The Blocks Recording Club
11:24pm Virginia   Blue Pyramid Blue Pyramid Dark Entries
11:39pm Mr/Mrs Frown   BULLSHITTIN Mr/Mrs Frown Obfuscated Records
11:43pm Astral   untitled Sol & Moon Outward Records
11:48pm Housewives   In Camera Housewives Ever / Never
11:52pm Funkadelic   All Your Goodies Are Gone (The Loser's Seat) Live -Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan Westbound Records
12:08am Worlockk   Full Moon (Prod. FlameAlkahest) Devil Himself, The Trashfuck Records
12:11am Undergang   Lymfatisk Draenage Miantropologi Dark Descent Records
12:16am Iron Crown   Thomasin's Fall From Grace Iron Crown Vibraphone Records
12:23am Liturgy   Follow II Ark Work, The Thrill Jockey
12:34am Altar De Fey   1975 Echoes In The Corridor Mass Media Records
12:34am Death SS   I Love The Dead In Death of Steve Sylvester Shadow Kingdom
12:38am The Brood   The Void Stares Back No Sun Shines Here Ryvvolte Records
12:40am Scott H. Biram   Hit The River Bad Testament, The Bloodshot Records
12:45am Thor & Friends   Swimming With Stine Subversive Nature of Kindness, The L.M. Dupli-cation
12:52am Cauliflower Ass & Bob   Too Dumb to Be a Drifter Songs In The Key of Drunk... The Wretchedest Hits Menace to Sobriety Records
12:52am SeventhLord X   Issue House of the Lord Trashfuck Records
12:56am Mike McNaught   The Hair Bear Bunch Spin a Magic Tune Tempo
12:59am Pleasure Gallows   Beer Positivity Pelican Pow Wow
1:00am Vultyr   Bringer of Thousand Plagues Suicide Propaganda Sabbaths Fire
1:06am Greg Proops   Evel Knievel Elsewhere Aspecialthing
1:13am Tochigi   Boys Need a Ride? A Crow So Large It Blocked Out the Sun Self Released
1:15am Koi   Moving First Week Phat N' Phunky
1:18am Jackie Shane   You're The One (that I Need) Any Other Way Numero Group
1:23am Holy McGrail   Ur-Cow (Licks of Audhumla) Collecting Earthquakes Head Heritage
1:41am Kano/Ghetto Skepta/Logan Sama   Freestylin'