Arno X

Monday 8 January 2018 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
1:58am Microwave Windows & AG Davis   Duckling n/a Terahertz Recordings
2:07am Ken C   Get Outta My Face (vocal) Get Outta My Face Telestar Casettes
2:14am Brume   Anastomose Part 1 Anastomose Ant Zen
2:14am Minutemen   Search Punch Line, the SST Records
2:44am Brainbombs   Queen of Necrophiles Genius & Brutality... Blackjack
2:49am Dionne & Lemmy Mashup   Live on KFJC 2016 n/a n/a
2:50am Blue Humans   Untitled, 29-7-94 Live in London 1994 Blast First
3:16am Blue Humans   Clear to Higher Time Clear to Higher Time New Alliance
3:20am A;Grumph   Gena Dice Are Rolling, the Play It Again Sam
3:29am Iugula-Thor   I.N.R.I. (Iuglans Necro R... Wheel of the Process, the Minus Habens
3:41am I.U.D.   Precious Charm I.U.D.
3:44am Mind Flayer   Everyone Dies (We Won Anyway Bulb Records
3:51am Bob Seger vs Mercyful Fate   Ln Mashup Live on KFJC n/a n/a
Richard Pryor   White Chicks Richard & Willie Meets... Teenaction
3:59am Microwave Windows   for:film Film Terehertz Recordings
4:00am Ennio Morricone   Queimada Seconda Queimada/ Burn! EMI
4:04am The Black Madonna   Venus Requiem Stay/ Venus Requiem Nite Owl Diner, The
4:13am Backslider   R.y.s.d Motherfucker Six Weeks
4:18am Alesia Cosmos   Le Vol Du Bourbon Exclusivo! Dark Entries
4:27am Stacian   Volx Person L Night School
4:29am Altar De Fey   I See Demons Echoes In The Corridor Mass Media Records
4:37am Condition   Indictment Actual Hell Iron Lung Records
4:37am Frank Hurricane   Ramblinsgonnabe Holy Archives Vol.1 No Fidelity Records
4:43am Hypnobeat   Donna's Gift #2 Prototech Dark Entries
5:01am Kenny Rogers vs Judas Priest   Hell Bent for Gamblin n/a n/a
5:05am Wells Fargo   Love Is The In Thing Watch Out! Now Again Records
5:16am Digable Planets   Jettin' Beyond the Spectrum:The Cre... Blue Note
5:19am Graf Orlock   Wrecking Crew Doombox Vitriol Records
5:31am A Tribe Called Quest   The Jam Word Play/The Jam Jive/Zomba
5:32am Ill Bill   How to Kill a Cop Gangsta Rap Psycho+Logical Records
5:44am Blowhole   Three Rules... Billowing Sheen Apraxia
5:50am The Sequence   Funk You Up Sugarhill Gang Sugar Hill Records
5:50am Neon Piss   No There There Demo Vibraphone Records
5:52am Vibracathedral Orchestra   Live At Total Inertia (Part One) Live At Total Inertia Vanity Case Records