Arno X

Tuesday 30 January 2018 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:09pm DAMAGES   BROKEN NEEDLE A very considerable degree of isolation N/A
2:18pm Flipper   Hard Cold World Public Flipper Ltd CBS Records
3:19pm Braindrops   Crucifix Adrenalin Mother Vital Music
3:19pm The Flying Luttenbachers   The Holy Mountain Revenge of the Flying Lutte... Skin Graft Records
3:19pm Christian Death   Dream for Mother Only Theater of Pain Frontier
3:19pm Pak   100 Percent Human Hair Soft Jazz Intake Valve Live N/A
3:19pm Bruce Gilbert   Instant Shed Vol 1 Sub Pop Records
3:19pm Bruce Gilbert   NERVEPATH Instant Shed Vol 2 Ash International
3:19pm The Flies   Somethhing Wrong with Me Get Wise Dutch East India Trading
3:19pm Blue Humans   Untitled, 29-7-94 Live in London 1994 Blast First
3:19pm BLOOD OF CHHINNAMASTIKA/MICROWAVW WINDOWS DUO   Freespace Power Blood of chhinnamastika / Microwave Windows Duo The Pet Goat Records
3:38pm Holly Hunt   Prometheus Prometheus Other Electricities
3:49pm Perverted Ceremony   Malformed Procreation S/t Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:59pm Housewives   6 2 4 2 6 Housewives Ever / Never
3:59pm Shitnoise Bastards   Tracks Indistinguishable. Play Excerpt Or Whole Side Disleksick/ Shitnoise Bastards Trashfuck Records
4:05pm Negative Response   A New Beginning Oblique Angles Medical Records
4:12pm Ennio Morricone   Buona Fortuna Jack Il Mio Nome E Nessuno AMS
4:19pm Cabaret Voltaire   Sluggin' Fer Jesus (Part Two 3 Crepuscule Tracks Brutis
4:31pm The Fall   New Face in Hell Grotesque Rough Trade Records
4:31pm The Fall   Fortress/Deer Park Hex Enduction Hour Kamera Records
4:38pm Richard Hell/Dim Stars   The Might Is Coming On Spurts The Richard Hell Story
4:43pm HellThrasher   Annihilate Windrot Blak Skul
4:45pm Electric Funeral   Next Generation Total Funeral Southern Lord Recordings
4:50pm Isao Hashimoto   A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 n/a n/a
5:09pm Tough Solar   Sentimental Fur Tough Solar Self Produced
5:12pm Tranceonic   Yeah New Crime Dark Entries
5:14pm Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys   Psychedelic Reggae Psychedelic Reggae Trybute
5:29pm BLOOD OF CHHINNAMASTIKA/MICROWAVE WINDOWS DUO   Smashing Paper Cranes Blood of Chhinnamastika / Microwave Windows Duo The Pet Goat Records
5:35pm Bacteria   Life 28 Trax Demo Regurgitated Semen Records
5:58pm The Hacker   Underwater Sequence Le Theatre Des Operations Dark Entries
5:58pm Hissing   Deserted Veins Sutekh Hexen/ Hissing Flenser