Sid Badguy

Wednesday 31 January 2018 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Warm Soda   Spell Bound Someone For You Castle Face Records
2:03am Kids   Do You Wanna Know Bloodstains Across Belgium Atomium Records
2:05am Synthetic ID   The Shape Is Drawn Impulses Castle Face Records
2:08am The Reefriders   Avanti Dawn Patrol Reefrider Records
2:11am POLes   Les Nains Pample Moustique EP Tombstone Records Holland
2:14am Scott H. Biram   Still Around Bad Testament, The Bloodshot Records
2:17am Pleasure Gallows   Positivity Positivity Pelican Pow Wow
2:18am Running   No Wave Jose Wake Up Applauding Castle Face Records
2:24am Fire Heads   Faceless People Fire Heads Big Neck Records
2:25am Tano!   El Despertar [The Awakening] Tano! La Agonia De Vivir
2:27am The Ouellette, Daniel & Shobijin   If Only Marlene Dietrich Were Here to Have a Cigarette Tokusatsu! Jeannie Records
2:31am Jet   Cover Girl Jet / Even More Light Than Shade RPM
2:34am Honey   Comes Down Love Is Hard Wharf Cat Records
2:42am CHUM   Cheater 5 Dewey Decibel System, The CHUMmusic..com
2:44am Adolescents   Self Destruct Adolescents Frontier
2:45am Cup   Little Hiccup Hiccup Aagoo Records
2:47am Koi   Jfmu First Week Phat N' Phunky
2:48am Tar Babies   Punch Face The Music / Respect Your Nightmares Lexicon Devil
2:49am Dislecksick   Tracks Indistinguishable. Play Excerpt Or Whole Side Disleksick/ Shitnoise Bastards Trashfuck Records
2:53am Filthy Huns   True Love Forever Beast Not Not Fun Records
2:57am U.K. Subs   Lower East Side Killing Time New Red Archives
3:01am Black Randy & the Metrosquad   Trouble at the Cup Dangerhouse Vol. 1 Frontier
3:03am The Afrika Korps   Reno Mania God It's Them Again New Rose
3:04am Uniform Choice   Indian Eyes Staring Into the Sun Giant Records
3:07am The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns   King of the Slot Car Track Rockabilly Deluxe Lanark Records
3:09am Miss Massive Snowflake   Goldsworthy Like a Book North Pole Records
3:15am Legendary Shack Shakers   War Whoop (Chief Paduke's Revenge) After You've Gone Last Chance Records
3:17am The Aints   Messin' with the Kid S.L.S.Q. Hot
3:24am Walter Etc.   Night Swim Diners/ Walter Etc Lauren Records
3:26am Odd Hope   Temptation Odd Hope Fruits and Flowers
3:29am D and V   Waiting "..." Crass Records
3:31am The Damned   Fan Club Damned Damned Damned Stiff Records
3:34am The Normals   Sometimes The Truth So Bad So Sad Last Laugh Records
3:36am James Intveld & the Rockin'.   My Heart Is Achin' for You L.A. Rockabilly Rhino Records
3:38am Dag Nasty   Field Day Field Day Giant Records
3:42am Fanzui Xiangfa   Garbage 2006-2014 Discography Genjing Records
3:44am Knives of Summer   Three Three Tombstone Records Holland
3:47am The Aints!   Like An Oil Spill Shelf Life Unlimited!! Hotter Than Blazing Pistols Hot
3:51am Obnox   Jack Herer Niggative Approach 12XU
3:54am A. F. Moebius   Erika Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground Bureau-B
3:57am T. Rex   Pavilions of The Sun A Beard of Stars Blue Thumb Records
4:00am Son of a Gun   All My Love S/T Lo-fi Supply
4:02am 45 Grave   Evil Sleep in Safety Enigma Records
4:06am The Business   Surburban Rebels Carry on Oi Secret Records
4:07am The Mermen   In the Golden Sun We Could See It in the Distance Kelptone Records
4:14am Spray Paint & Mackie, Ben   Friendly Morning Man Get Legless 12XU (Austin, TX)
4:16am The Bellfuries   Bad Seed Sown Workingman's Bellfuries HiStyle Records
4:19am Trauma Harness   Leechman Halloween Songs Volume One Lumpy
4:22am Remember Karen   Invisible Geography What You Say and What You Mean Self Released
4:25am Spacebag   Hypostasis Pareidolia Self Produced
4:28am Institute   Arrow 5straight Institute Deranged
4:32am Chumbawumba   An Interlude Beggining to Pictures of Starving Children Red Rhino
4:35am Super Hit   Your Reality See My Friends: Secret City Vol.1 See My Friends Records
4:37am Los Piranas   Pipeta De Gas Y Dinamita Toma Tu Jabon Kapax Vampi Soul
4:41am War Bison   Self-titled S/t War Business Records
4:43am Roadkill NYC   Punk Rock Granma Babe City 109 Records
4:46am The Aints   You Can't Please Everybody Autocannibalism Hot
4:55am Alex Williams   Better Than Myself Better Than Myself Big Machine
4:58am Saintes   Beyond My Heart, Beyond Melancholia Crash Symbols
5:02am Flesh World   a Trip to The Living Ice Age Flesh World La Vida Es Un Mus
5:04am Sunglasses After Dark   Swamp Baby Blood on the Cats Anagram Records
5:08am Television Personalities   A Day in Heaven Art Now Wham!
5:14am Klark Kent   Ritch in a Ditch I.R.S. Greatest Hits I.R.S.
5:17am Red Mass   Panique EP Rouge N.2 Mando Mango
5:23am Ueno Takashi   Smoke Under the Water 1 Smoke Under the Water Room 40
5:21am Teenage Tricks   Turning Teenage Tricks Turning Teenage Tricks/Young Liars Bowery Records
5:25am The Vibrators   Whips and Furs Perfect Unpop Cherry Red
5:28am Templer   49.3 Mm Human Hate Phage Tapes
5:34am Terminators of Endearment   Stranger in the Manger Stranger in the Manger/ Santa Gone Surfin' Subterranean Records
5:35am Dead Ghosts   I Want You Back Can't Get No Burger Records
5:38am Richie Valens   Paddiwack Song Best Del Fi Records
5:42am Teenage Head   Let's Shake Somethin' on My Mind Attic
5:47am Flipper   First the Heart Goin Fishin' Subterranean
5:45am Cindy Wilson   Brother Change Kill Rock Stars
5:54am Big Balls and the Great White   Kick Her in the Dirt Bloodstains A. Germany Mesmer Detector
5:56am Sofia Gubaidulina   In Croce Chamber Pieces for Bayan, Cello, Organ & String Orchestra Art & Electronics