Arno X

Thursday 17 May 2018 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:12pm Duet For Theremin And Lapsteel   Aetiler Fortior 10
10:12pm Brume   Glazuuk, The Dreamer Two Characters Drone Records
10:24pm Brume   Anastomose Part 2 Anastomose Ant Zen
10:42pm Chrome   Old Time Fuck N Roll Third Seed From the Bud Man's Ruin Records
10:51pm The Azusa Plane   Cheltenham Part One Cheltenham colorful clouds for acoustics
11:01pm Cotton Museum   Live at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes 4.25.10 N/A N/A
11:09pm Brainbombs   Lipstick on My Dick Obey Igloo
11:15pm Duet For Theremin And Lapsteel   Abstractum Belladonnae 10
11:20pm Heroic Dart   Live at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes N/A N/A
11:34pm Duet For Theremin And Lapsteel   Belladonnae Radix 10
11:39pm Mchtnchts   Live at Brutal Sound Effects Festival #76 N/A N/A
11:49pm Brother Russell   Noisy Neighbors Radio Jihad Goy Division
12:01am Glenn Branca   Bad Smells Lesson No. 1 Acute Records
12:20am Cabaret Voltaire   The Dada Man 1974-1976 Mute Records Ltd.
12:31am Glenn Branca   6th Movement Symphony No. 5 Atavistic
12:45am Charles Manson   a Peace In Your Heart Hallways of The Always, The New Era Productions
1:18am The Honeymoon Killers   I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Take It Off Buy Our Records
1:30am Burning Witch   Country Doctor Towers... Slap a Ham
1:31am The Telescopes   Pure Sweetest Ocean To Kill a Slow Girl Walking Cheree Records
1:36am Heavy Lids   Antisocial Final Days Blak Skul
1:48am Microwave Windows/Blood of Chhinnimastika Collab   Live at Canessa Gallery San Francisco N/A