Milo Minderbender

Sunday 17 June 2018 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU)   Yakange Yaoma Chimurenga Songs Zimbabwe African National Union
7:04pm Barrington Levy   Robing Hood Robin Hood Greensleeves Records Ltd.
7:09pm Green Druid   Pale Blood Sky Ashen Blood Earache Records
7:19pm Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint)   The Last Man Fountain, The Nonesuch
7:27pm Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint)   Holy Dread! Fountain, The Nonesuch
7:32pm Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint)   Tree of Life Fountain, The Nonesuch
7:33pm Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint)   Stay With Me Fountain, The Nonesuch
7:36pm Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint)   Death Is a Disease Fountain, The Nonesuch
7:41pm Black Acid Arkestra   Eric's Groove Black Acid Arkestra Accretions
7:49pm Boom Pam   Gross Boom Pam Essay Recordings GmbH
7:52pm Wander   Calamity Mourning Other People
7:54pm Commissure   Sourmander Sketchbooks + Road Maps Conditions
8:01pm a Hawk and a Hacksaw   a Broken Road Lined With Poplar Trees Forest Bathing LM Duplication
8:04pm Charles Amirkhanian   Dutiful Ducks Lexical Music Other Minds, Inc.
8:07pm Mark Applebaum   Nestle Speed Dating Innova Recordings
8:11pm Meredith Monk   Wa-Ohs Dolmen Music ECM GmbH
8:14pm Meredith Monk   Rain Dolmen Music ECM GmbH
8:20pm Ails   The Echoes Waned Unraveling, The Flenser
8:27pm Pissgrave   Suicide Euphoria Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Records
8:30pm Ahleuchatistas   The Day the Earth Stood Stil Same and the Other, the Nfi
8:33pm Panopticon   The Death of Baldr and The Coming War Collapse Flenser
8:48pm Blessed Blood Vulva and Guilty C   Intro Third Slaughter, The SSSM
8:50pm AIDS Wolf   Tied-Up in Paper Cities of Glass Skin Graft Records
8:52pm Obnox   By Myself Corrupt Free Enterprise 12XU (Austin, TX)
8:55pm Couch Slut   Company Picnic With Dust Off Contempt Gilead Media
9:00pm Brainbombs   Rock Your World Inferno Skrammel Records
9:04pm Botanist   To Amass an Army (Mandragora III) IV: Mandragora Flenser
9:10pm Bosse-de-Nage   The Death Posture S/T Flenser
9:21pm Casual Hex   Zorcho Zig Zag Lady Illusion Water Wing Records
9:24pm Noun   Loveblood Throw Your Body On The Gears and Stop The Machine With Your Don Giovanni Records
9:26pm Goat Girl   The Man With No Heart Or Brain Goat Girl Rough Trade Records
9:29pm Linafornia   Dot Wav Ft. Devi Wonder Yung Dome of Doom
9:31pm Aleister X   Crisco Kidd Keepin' It Real MVD
9:32pm Aeolipile   Swirl Chamber Observational Error Foolproof Projects
9:40pm Mastery   L.O.R.E.S.E.E.K.E.R Valis Flenser
9:47pm Heinali & Finney, Matt   Perfect Blue How We Lived Flenser
9:54pm De Brauw, Trevor   a New Architecture Uptown Flenser