Arno X

Tuesday 14 August 2018 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
1:59pm CHEFKIRK   World Make Post
2:12pm Jimmy McHugh & Pete Rugolo   Blood On My Hands Jack The Ripper RCA Victor/ BMG
2:16pm Deadly Discs   Grave Digging BURY ME DEEP, FOR I M CURSED
2:24pm John Foster   Cool World Life Elsewhere Mr. Brown Records & Tapes
2:24pm Steve Fisk   Woodstock Life Elsewhere Mr. Brown Records & Tapes
2:29pm Iugula-Thor   Propeller Sodom Lucifer Wheel of the Process, the Minus Habens
2:36pm Entresol   E - Vicarious Lifetimes Life As Parody (2016)
2:41pm The Fall   I Wake Up in the City Rude Flitwick Records
2:46pm Esperik Glare   Ever Flowing Atavistic Alchemy
2:53pm Cabaret Voltaire   Walls of Kyoto Hai! Rough Trade
2:57pm Sleeping with the Earth   I Love You 2018
3:10pm A Primary Industry   Perversion Life at the Top Third Mind
3:17pm Don Haugen   Fruits of the Original Sin (Live) Fruits of the Original Sin 2012
3:23pm Nagamatzu   Muslin Life at the Top Third Mind
3:26pm Wire   Map Ref. 41 N 93 W Map Ref. 41 N 93 W EMI Records Ltd.
3:30pm Johanna Went   No U No Slave Beyond The Grave Graybeat
3:34pm Bruce Gilbert   NERVEPATH Instant Shed Vol 2 Ash International
3:45pm Miss Kittin & The Hacker   Upstart Lost Tracks Vol. 2 Dark Entries
3:46pm Bourbonese Qualk   Under the City Elephant Table Album Jungle Records
3:50pm Psychic TV   Cadaques Pagan Day Dejamus Ltd.
3:55pm Collin Gorman Weiland   Despair and Confession Price of Leather Downwards
3:59pm PBK & Wiggins, John   Untitled #3 (8-98) Where Pathways Meet Acousmatique
4:14pm Golden Teacher   Rashomon Bells From The Deep End Optimo Music
4:19pm Controlled Death   Untitled (A1) Symphony for the Black Murder Urashima
4:31pm Glenn Branca   Bad Smells Lesson No. 1 Acute Records
4:44pm Domnic Cramp   My Ass, Your Gums My Ass, Your Gums
4:53pm The Big Story   Pillars of Society 1948 N/A
5:00pm Alan Vega   Every 1's a Winner Saturn Strip Elektra Entertainment
5:04pm Brainbombs   Queen of Necrophiles Genius & Brutality... Blackjack
5:18pm Sarah Hennies   Embedded Environments Blume
5:19pm The Fall   Container Drivers Kicker Conspracy Rough Trade
5:25pm Macronympha   Sure Thing to Do Macronympha/din-i-ilahi Bizarre Audio Arts
5:36pm The Fall   Container Drivers Kicker Conspracy Rough Trade
5:40pm Terminal Cheesecake   Oily Bud Gateau D'Espace
5:56pm Chopstick   Demogorgon Tons LaGrind Noire
5:56pm Merle Travis   Pay Day Come Too Slow Songs of the Coal Mines Capitol Records