Lord Gravestench

Sunday 11 November 2018 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
12:03pm In Slaughter Natives   Burn My Rest Purgate My Stain Cold Meat Industry
12:07pm Allerseelen   Sturmlied (MMVII) Neuschwabenland Ahnstern
12:15pm Sturqen   Rito Surivalismi Kvitnu Records
12:18pm Von Thronstahl   Sturmzeit - Version Imperium Internum Cold Spring Records UK
12:22pm Regis   Loss (Ike Yard) Manbait Blackest Ever Black
12:29pm Catholic Boys In Heavy Leather   Nous Pissons Nobody Urged You to Get Canonised Pflichtkauf
12:37pm Esplendor Geometrico   La Ciudad De Los Heroes Rojos 1980-1982 Staaltape
12:41pm Venus Handcuffs   Fur Man Venus Handcuffs Ad Hoc
12:47pm Skrol   Litany Heretical Antiphony Membrum Debile Propaganda
12:53pm Cruel Diagonals   Oblique Ritual Disambiguation Drawing Room
12:56pm Holy Orange   Winter Song Black Noise, The PIAS
1:02pm Manowar   Shell Shocked Battle Hymns Liberty
1:05pm Sorrow   Unjustified Reluctance Hatred and Disgust Roadrunner Records
1:16pm Modorra   Vermin Putrid, The Plague Island
1:19pm Gatecreeper   Flamethrower Sonoran Depravation Relapse Records
1:22pm Phrenelith   Conquering Divinity Desolate Endscape Dark Descent Records
1:26pm Vader   Breath of Centuries Ultimate Incantation, the Earache
1:32pm Vilifier   Oldenfiend Oldenfiend / Serpent (Vilifier/Lustration) Supremacy Through Intolerance
1:39pm Vale   Condemned to Parish S/t Self-release
1:45pm Irkallian Oracle   Reflections Apollyon Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:50pm Nyogthaeblisz   Esoteric Fascism Apex Satanist Iron Bonehead Productions
1:53pm Ibex Throne   Obscurity, Our Majesty Ibex Throne Elegy Records
2:02pm Dogliveroil & Pain Jerk   The Snake Charmer's Beautiful Daughter Is a Vampire!!! Snake Charmer's Beautiful Daughter, The Betley Welcomes Careful D
2:17pm Black Sand Desert & Unsustainable Social Condition   Untitled A Side Black Sand Desert & Unsustainable Social Condition Oxen
2:23pm Alexander Bianco   Archon Adamastos Parts I-IV Noise Nazi / Alexander Bianco Medical Malfunctions
2:43pm Merzbow + Hexa   Merzhex Part 4 Achromatic Dais
2:48pm Xiphoid Dementia   Never Power Ocean Might Is Blight Existence Establishment
3:03pm Clarinette   There's Not a World Where I Can Talk to You Now of Then, The Feeding Tube Records