Lord Gravestench

Wednesday 21 November 2018 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Control   Pride Deadly Sins Malignant
7:09pm M.S.B.R   The Eyeball Gravitation Kontrast Duebel
7:17pm Current 93   Falling Back In Fields of Rape Dogs Blood Rising L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
7:29pm Thoabath   K. R44K 4. KK.42H. 4 Madriguera
7:48pm M B (Maurizio Bianchi)   Placenta Mectpyo Bacterium M B
7:50pm Redsk   Don'tbother Justdie Your Ears Smell Bad Trashfuck Records
7:56pm Propergol   SSM (Slow Sexy Motion) At the End of the Rope Chondritic Sound
8:01pm Dark Angel   The Promise of Agony Leave Scars Combat Records
8:12pm Furze   Earlier than the Third Might of the Cosmos Reaper Subconscious Guide Agonia
8:21pm Wargoat   Nuclear Goat Worship Feast of the Diabolical Bleak Bone Mortualia
8:24pm Demoncy   Winds of Plague Enthroned Is the Night Forever Plagued Records
8:27pm Virulent Spectre   Guided by the Iniquitous Hand of the Devil You Will Succumb to the Hate You Possess and Your Failures W Black Gangrene
8:34pm Bestial Summoning   Enjoy Your Death For Satan Dark War Has Begun, The New Era Productions
8:37pm Encoffinized   Swollen Deteriorating Pus Filled Torso Interdimensional Abominations of The Dark Abyss Headsplit
8:46pm Veil   To Die Alone Sombre Terrorwolfe Productions
8:55pm Lihhamon   Inferno (Decimation Doctrine) Miasmal Coronation Van Records
9:01pm Stress Orphan   Accelerant Advance Urgent Telepathy
9:05pm Consumer Electronics   Grubbing Nobody's Ugly No Fun Productions
9:16pm Coph Nia & Mindspawn   Machine Heat Erotomechaniks Self Released
9:24pm Furisubi   Pin Needle Light A Dream In The Eye and The Dirt Beneath The Heel Last Visible Dog Records
9:32pm Raison D'Etre   The Awakening Enthraled By The Wind of Lonelienes Cold Meat Industry
9:37pm Girnu Giesmes   Rupus Miltai... Rupus Miltai Autarkeia
9:51pm Pulse Emitter   Greek Islands Xenharmonic Passages self