Thors Hammer Firebunker Roast

Thursday 22 November 2018 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:04pm Earth   Like Gold and Faceted Earth 2 Sub Pop Records
7:06pm Firebunker   120301 6th Anniversary
7:16pm Sun City Girls   Sacrifice In The USA Carnival Folklore Res. 14: Static From The Outside Set Abduction
7:24pm Firebunker   080110
7:29pm Firebunker   091126
Firebunker   080124
Firebunker   091119
7:37pm Black Boned Angel   Prayer Sodden Holes Verdun Riot Season
Firebunker   080128
Firebunker   100311
Firebunker   100107
8:10pm Trees   Perish Sickness In Crucial Blast
8:10pm Thoabath   Fold Upon Fold 4. KK.42H. 4 Madriguera
8:21pm Firebunker   110106
Abruptum   Feci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made Fieri Factus Evil Genius
Firebunker   110120
Lamort   Mass Burial Dream Durge
8:32pm EyeHateGod   Run It Into the Ground In the Name of Suffering Revolver
Firebunker   090903
8:41pm Sun City Girls   The Geography of The Swastika Dante's Disneyland Inferno Abduction
8:43pm Cruel Diagonals   Liminal Placement Disambiguation Drawing Room
8:42pm Firebunker   110811
8:45pm Anatolia's Finest   First Night Soucouyant Self-release
8:28pm Warhouse   Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Wither) As Heaven Turns to Ash
Moss   The Gate Cthonic Rites
disc 5 120802
9:28pm Firebunker   thanks
9:28pm Firebunker   120705
9:34pm Consular   Living in the Land of the Blind Don't Cross the Swine
9:37pm Ramesses   Lack of Almost Everything Tribute to Eyehategod
Catacombs   Consigned to Flames of War Echoes Through the Catacombs
9:49pm High on Fire   The Face of Oblivion Blessed Black Wings Relapse Records
9:56pm Firebunker