Self Titled

Monday 7 January 2019 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:03pm Couch   Sexy River Glass Brothers 1993-1994 Bulb Records
10:05pm Squeeze   Cat on a Wall Packet of Three Deptford Fun City Records
10:08pm Squirrel Bait   Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite/Slake Train... Homestead Records
10:13pm Spunk   She Don't Know You Gonna Eat This? Scratched Records
10:16pm Aggressive Dogs   Dingo Murphys Law & Aggressive Dogs Japan Overseas
10:22pm Spitboy   Ultimate Violations Spitboy Lookout Records
10:24pm Casual Burn   Channel 52 Tomorrow Problem Slugsalt
10:28pm Sediment Club   Making Spent Americans Stucco Thieves Wharf Cat Records
10:32pm New Primals   Vulgar Hymns Wraith Self-released
10:34pm Come Holy Spirit   Elephantine Asters and Disasters Water Wing Records
10:43pm Joan   Space-Girl Space-Girl Boogle Wonderland
10:47pm The Faith Healers   Spin 1/2 Lido Too Pure
10:58pm Spore   Splinter Number One/Splinter Cinderblock Records
11:03pm Bailter Space   Remain Robot World Matador Records
11:08pm Foodman   Mozuka Aru Otoko No Densetsu Sun Ark
11:12pm Stanley   Godtub Godtub Part Trance
11:17pm Kelly Spivey   Orphan Andrew Kuntmouth #1 Mowtl
11:23pm Spinout   Interstellar Overdrive Volcano Texas Interstellar... Dionysus Records
11:28pm Angel'in Heavy Syrup   Breath of Life Live at KFJC 5/26/95 KFJC
11:41pm Splintered   Smokescreen Intercept, but Don't Shoot Suggestion Records
11:49pm No Balls   Prove Everything Bergen 31.5.2014 Drid Machine Records
11:54pm Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano   Paris Spleen Brace Up Palilalia
11:57pm Psyched Up Janis   I Died In My Teens I Died In My Teens This Way Up
12:02am Spot   Caca Boudin Popo Pipi S/T No Auditions
12:06am Sparks   When I'm with You Virgin Records
12:12am Space Streakings   Complaining Children Comic Book and Record Set Skin Graft Records
12:15am Vacuum Tree Head   Cushion Fortress Botafogos In Shadow Position Pest Colors Music
12:25am Pancrudo   Maestro Del Kiosco Pulsatron / Maestro Del Kiosco Discos Mas
12:28am C. S. Hellmann   Hurt Hurt C.S. Hellmann
12:31am The Satones   Mutate! Thugs, The/ Satones, The Blue Man From Uranus
12:33am Alcohol Funnycar   Time Time to Make the Donuts C/Z
12:38am Sparkalepsy   Mourning Person Heathers Overbite E.P. Vertical
12:42am Spent   Keeping Secrets Keeping Secrets Ringers Lactate
12:47am Spooky Pie   Ain't that the Way It's a Lie Spooky Pie
12:48am Sprinkle Genies   Itssofun Itssofun Frisbee
12:52am Ride   Dreams Burn Down Nowhere Sire/Reprise
12:58am Sister Ray   Psycho Sis Ajax Records
1:02am Shinobu   10 Thermidor (live At KFJC) Rafa's Tacos Mix Tape Phat N' Phunky
1:11am Public Practice   Into the Ring Distance Is a Mirror Wharf Cat Records
1:16am Sit 'n' Spin   I'm Sick I'm Sick Planet Pimp
1:18am Dumb Robot Pilot   Panzer Godspunk Volume Eighteen Pumf Records
1:23am Sperm Wails   Lady Chatterly Lady Chatterly / Mr Wonderful S-S Records
1:25am Sixteen Tons   Trigger Happy Mud
1:28am Spider Babies   Spider Baby Spider Babies Rat City
1:34am Spectrasonic   Flytrap "Flytrap" Badlands Record Company
1:36am Boris With Merzbow   Rainbow Gensho Relapse Records
1:45am LSD - March   The Lamp - Tomorrow's Godard (Bonus Track) Suddenly, Like Flames Last Visible Dog Records
1:53am Carbon Based Lifeforms   Dodecahedron Derelicts Blood Music