Coffin Cold Department

Saturday 11 May 2019 9:00pm to 12:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:00pm Nortt   Til Gravens Vi Galgenfrist Avantgarde Music
9:08pm Nordvargr   Chandrakala The Secret Barbarous Names Malignant
9:15pm Moloch   Die Letzten Strahlen Der Sonne Verblassen In Der K??lte Der Moloch/ Moonknight Rising Beast Recordings
9:20pm Pedestrian Deposit   What Can't Be Given Dyer's Hands Monorail Trespassing
9:29pm Winter Dynasty   The Mountain City An Ode To Winter Lifeless Memories
9:35pm Joe Colley   Side C 8 Phased Loops Stichting Mixer
9:42pm Pestilence   Multiple Beings Spheres Roadrunner Records
9:45pm Controlled Death   Untitled (Excerpt) Black Lucifer Rising Deathbed Tapes
9:54pm Mortician   Intro/Mortal Massacre Mortal Massacre Relapse Records
10:01pm Ashtray Navigations   Insect Descent Trajectory Insect Descent Obsolete Units
10:13pm Skelethal   Chaotic Deviance Of the Depths... Hells Headbangers
10:17pm Sissy Spacek   Council-Manager Pitched Intervention Helicopter
10:25pm Archspire   Relentless Mutation Relentless Mutation Season of Mist
10:30pm Illusion of Safety   We Numb Surrender Finite Material Context
10:34pm Lutomysl   to realize and overcome Catharsis Propaganda
10:41pm Gruntsplatter   Against The Dying of The Light Death Fires, The Crowd Control Activities
10:43pm Crown of Bone   Maggots Crawl on the Mutilated Embalmed Aderlating/Crown of Bone Small Doses
10:54pm Profanatica   Side I Sickened By Holy Host Hells Headbangers
11:03pm Death Squad   Fuck God Live Isolation As Intent Spastik Kommunikations
11:13pm Varldsbrand   Sprang Dig Genom Rummet Mene Tekel Self-Released
11:22pm Summoning   The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills Stronghold Napalm
11:28pm Bone Awl   Quiet Torture of Words In a Head Almost Dead Man Klaxon Records
11:30pm Colin Stetson   Second Seance Pt. 1 Hereditary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Milan Records
11:32pm Post Mortem   No Time Coroner's Office Red Light Records
11:36pm Pissgrave   Into The Deceased Posthumous Humiliation Profound Lore
11:43pm Mortal Vision   Side a Nacht Musik Urashima