Reject Girl

Tuesday 4 June 2019 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm The Descendents   Silly Girl I Don't Want to Grow Up N/A
7:03pm Black Flag   Annihilate this Week Loose Nut SST Records
7:07pm The Darts   Bullet Subsonic Dream Alternative Tentacles
7:14pm Arteries   World In Flames Arteries Nadine
7:18pm Fear   More Beer More Beer Restless Records
7:21pm The Damned   These Hands Machine Gun Etiquette Chiswick Records
7:25pm Monster Squad   Lions Blood Lions Blood Pirate Press
7:29pm Pathogens   Rattle The Cage Patient Zero 1986'd Music Industries
7:32pm CRIME   Gnagster Funk Murder by Guitar
7:35pm Lucy   Never Never Bloodstains Across U.K Vibraphone Records
7:38pm Lewd   I'm not Pretty American Wino N/A
7:42pm The Ruts   Staring at the Rude Boys s/t 7"
7:47pm Alice Bag   Turn it Up Blueprint Don Giovanni
7:49pm Pointed Sticks   American Song Perfect Youth Sudden Death
7:53pm X   Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not Los Angeles Slash Records
7:55pm Patti   Separate/operate Bad Back Erste Theke Tontraeger
7:58pm Rubella Ballet   Slant and Slide 42 Degrees F Jungle Records
8:01pm Ruts DC   Militant Rhythm Collision Vol.1 & Remix Versions Select Cuts
8:05pm MDC   I Remember Millions of Dead Cops Radical Records
8:07pm Fang   The Money Will Roll Right In Landshark! Boner Records
8:10pm Black Flag   Louie Louie Everything Went Black SST Records
8:14pm ?FOG   5 Heads of State 7-inch Round Black Thing ?Fog Records
8:16pm Fews   Suppose Into Red Play It Again Sam
8:20pm Bettie Ford   Sonic Foundry Vegas League of Fools Punk n' Drunk
8:22pm VKTMs   Midget Bloodstains Across California Scando-Scumbag
8:25pm Dead Boys   What Love Is Younger, Louder, Snottier... Bomp
8:27pm Rudimentary Peni   Nightgaunts Cacophony Other Himalayan Records
8:28pm The Faction   Why Save the Whales? No Hidden Messages Im Records
8:31pm Gang Green and the Amputators   I Hate You Killed By Death #999 Redrum Records
8:36pm The Ex   Survival of the Fattest Tumult Ex Records
8:41pm Screamers   Sex Boy In a Better World Xeroid/Extravertigo
8:44pm Mutants   New Dark Ages Fun Terminal White Noise Records
8:47pm Germs   Richie Dagger's Crime GI Slash Records
8:50pm Germs   Strange Notes GI Slash Records
8:51pm The Weirdos   The Hideout
8:56pm Mountain Movers   This City Pink Skies Trouble In Mind
9:00pm Adolescents   No Way Adolescents Frontier
9:02pm P.K. 14   May 1984 Maybe Mars
9:06pm Civilized   Wallflower Dust and Blood Youth Attack Records
9:06pm Legionaires Disease   Rather See You Dead Bloodstains Across Texas C&P Records
9:10pm Crow Crash Radio   Coyote Old Man Crow Crash Radio Iinfinite Iinfant
9:15pm Mike Watt and the Secondmen   the back of the hand Bernays Propaganda/Mike Watt + The Secondmen Asian Man Records
9:17pm Social Unrest   General Unrest Rat in a Maze Libertine/Konkurrel USA
9:19pm Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra   Lucifer Rising Pt. 1 Cult Sounds Aberrant Records
9:25pm The Ramones   Pinhead Leave Home Sire/Warner Bros. Records
9:27pm Mamarracho   Camping For Our Victory Fifty-Nine Betley Welcomes Careful D
9:30pm Angelic Upstarts   Nowhere Left to Hide Never 'Ad Nothin WB
9:30pm The Wall   Another New Day Ghetto/Another New Day
9:33pm Invasive Species   Breaks Adapter Baggage Claim
9:43pm Flipper   First the Heart Goin Fishin' Subterranean
9:49pm Condemned   American Cowboy Bullsheep Detector Antisociety
9:53pm Israel Vibration   Lift Up Your Conscience Same Song (Vocal), The Pressure Sounds
9:57pm Dolphin Midwives   Grass Grow Liminal Garden Beacon Sound