Fox Populi

Thursday 20 June 2019 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am William Basinski   On Time Out of Time On Time Out of Time Temporary Residence Ltd.
6:06am Rael   Viva La Vie Viva La Mour Cult Sounds Aberrant Records
6:08am John Davis   Idly Sit The Sun Visiting The Sky Bimodal Press
6:15am Dion McGregor   Vivian's Hat Dreaming Like Mad With Dion McGregor Torpor Vigil Industries
6:21am JFK   Weapon Design II Weapon Design Fourth Dimension Records
6:23am Yasunao Tone   Jiao Liao Fruits Musica Iconologos Lovely Music Ltd.
6:25am Paul Timo   Listen to Spirit Listen to Spirit: Finnish Shamanic Drumming Chance a Trance Recordings
6:26am Robert Frost   After Apple-picking Reads His Poetry Caedmon
6:29am Pauline Oliveros   No Mo No Mo Something Else Bog Road Pogus Productions
6:41am Sun's Not Yellow   2/4 Day Two Cookies 'N Cream Records
6:51am Anna Homler and Steve Moshier   Gu She Na Di Breadwoman & Other Tales RVNG
6:56am William S. Burroughs   Meeting of International Conference of Technical Psychiatry Doctor Is On The Market, The Les Temps Modernes
7:02am Anthony Rother   Little Computer People Anthony Rother Presents Electro Commando1 Welcome to Psicity PSI49NET
7:08am Blond:ish   Birds Eat Birds Wunderkammer Kompakt
7:16am Hassan Khan   Tabla Dubb No. 16 Periferico: Sounds From Beyond The Bubble Sonic Arts Network
7:22am Noen Gchai Muean Gsamut   Tam Nok Noi (Follow The Little Bird) Luk Thung Dust -to -Digital
7:25am Jiorgos Batis   Zembekano Spaniolo Rembetika: Songs of The Greek Underground 1925-1947 Trikont
7:29am Ten Buddhist Monks From The Drepung Loseling Monastery   Teng-nge-nesi: From Here to Enlightment Sacred Tibetan Chants From TheGreat Prayer Festival Music & Arts Program of America, Inc.
7:30am Guillermo Galindo   Limpia Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions Kennesaw State University Zuckerman Museum of Art
7:40am The Bran Flakes   I Am a Promise I Have Hands Illegal Art
7:40am Minilogue   33000 Honeybees Animals Cocoon Recordings
7:48am P:Ano   Foot Hills Ghost Pirates Without Heads Mint Records Inc.
7:51am Hard Place   Holly Dubonnet Get Your Hopes Up World Famous
7:55am Dim Dim   El Bombo Atomico (Pizza Del Sol Mix) Tipsy Remix Party Asphodel
7:59am Critters Buggin   Fluoride Bumpa Loosegroove Records
8:06am Jackie Shane   Comin' Down Any Other Way Numero Group
8:08am James Booker   Goodnight Irene Lost Paramount Tapes, The Djm Records
8:14am San Francisco Street Music   Just The Gross Word of Mouth Last Stab Records
8:18am Fasso Madol   Mon Son Gao Rap - Hip Hop From Northern Mali Sahelsounds
8:23am Rakta   Miragem Falha Comum Iron Lung Records
8:28am Van Wissem, Josef   Streets of Tangier Van Wissem, Jozef / Squrl (Only Lovers Left Alive) ATP Recording
8:35am Jesters of Destiny   Foxey Lady In a Nostalgic Mood Dimension
8:43am Simon Say Riddim feat. Patrice Roberts, Asa Bantan, Motto   Dutty Bad/Simon Say/What A Mess TRINIDAD CARNIVALE 2019
8:47am Destra   Stage Party TRINIDAD CARNIVALE 2019
8:51am Lyrikal, Kerwiin Du Bois   TEAM TRINIDAD CARNIVALE 2019
8:55am Sekon Sta It   Symphony TRINIDAD CARNIVALE 2019
8:59am Koo Koo Kangaroo   All I Eat Is Pizza Whoopty Whoop Asian Man Records
9:03am Mike Diva   Ice Cream Jingle
9:04am People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz   Four Short Blasts On My Whistle Perpetuum Mobile Soleilmoon Recordings
9:05am Vitalic   Valetta Fanfares Ok Cowboy Citizen
9:07am Brycon   The Municipal E.C.U Megakut Records
9:09am Pansy Division   Bill & Ted's Homo Adventure S/T Outpunk
9:13am Raooul   Summer Nights Fresh and Nubile Lookout Records
9:15am Messer Chups   Gotham City Spooky Hook Gitaracula Records
9:17am Phallus Uber Alles   Auto-Femme Radio Spot/Hey Bill Iron Woman Fatal-Recordings
9:22am Josephine Baker   J"attendrai Fabulous Josephine Baker, The BMG Heritage
9:25am Sixtoo   Baroque Antagonist Survival Kit Vertical Form
9:26am Slug and Murs With Aesop Rock   Deathmurdermayhem Felt 3 Rhymesayers
9:31am Beat Pharmacy   Guerilla Conditions Dub Purpose Khaliphonic
9:35am Boikutt   Taht Il Ankad Periferico: Sounds From Beyond The Bubble Sonic Arts Network
9:40am Bob Log III   Riversiderer Guitar Party Power Bloat Records
9:43am The Bran Flakes   Do You Want Salad With Your Taco I Have Hands Illegal Art
9:44am DJ Gilb-R   Pressure (original Mix) Pressure Versatile Records
9:52am Alberich   Chilsong Chamber Quantized Angel Hospital Productions
9:57am Aos   Violent Light Laurel Halo !K7 Records