Teachers AIDS

Saturday 13 July 2019 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Intrinsic Action & Iugula-Thor   The Duke Of Excitement Ensemble Sacres Garcons Old Europa Cafe
3:05pm Arvo Zylo   Upheaval Version 99 Upheaval No Part of It
The Haters   Chararacteristic Condition The Totimorphous
3:22pm Johann Johannsson   Temple Mandy Lakeshore Records
3:26pm Andrew Quitter   Casper I Andrew Quitter / Arvo Zylo No Part of It
3:37pm Junko, Michel Henritzi & Mattin   Je T'Aime Je T'Aime
3:49pm Braingrainhotspot   Brainheartgenitals Complex Theory of Simple Provocations No Edition
3:54pm Marvin Ayres   Cellosphere Cellosphere Ritornell
3:54pm Haters   Break Breakthrough Banned Prod.
3:57pm Haters   ... Banned Prod.
4:04pm Forgotten Cairns   South of Hell / Black Mother (with a Tear of Blood) South of Hell Wolfsvuur Records
4:15pm Cree   War Song Indian Music of The Canadian Plains Folkways Records and Service Corp.
4:17pm Necrosadist   Abstract Satan Abstract Satan Temple of Flesh
4:20pm Blue Hummingbird On The Left   Southern Rules Supreme / Moon Atl Tlachinolli Iron Bonehead Productions
4:25pm These Are Da' Results of A'thousand Electric Voltz   Fuck Our One Year T.A.D.R.O.A.E.V./ Shooting Spree Mullet Death
4:37pm Karumanta Jamuyku   Maran Wasa Imillita Llokallito Karumanta Jamuyku
Mysticum   Annihilation Planet Satan Peaceville
4:44pm Akitsa   Vestiges Fortifies Credo Profound Lore
4:48pm Grave Dust   Rotting With Evil Pale Hand, The Self Produced
4:52pm Unholy Crucifix   Heavenly Kingdom Execration Mass Meurtre Noir Records ?
4:58pm Uskonrauha   Luonto! Saatana! Tympeyden ylistys Bestial Burst
4:59pm Shitty Fucker   Poopfilled Vagina Diarrheality
5:02pm Helen Humes   Dark Rapture He May Be Your Man Blue Boar Records
5:05pm Ossia   Devil's Dance Devil's Dance Blackest Ever Black
5:09pm World Peace   The Power and The Glory Every Ray of Sunshine Once More Follow Me Into The Laser Eye
Hellhunter   Desasters In Carpathia Hellhunter / Unholy Goatfucker Buriedinhell Records
5:16pm Ironfist   Kempei Tai Merciless Sabbat / Ironfist (Bloodlust Regime 1942) Blood Necromancer
5:18pm Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra   Lucifer Rising Pt. 1 Cult Sounds Aberrant Records
5:29pm Tmarrdhe   Black Vomit Worship The Cult Of Human Sacrifice Tour de Garde
5:33pm De Bons En Pierre   Insect Repellent Company Ep No. 1 Dark Entries
5:35pm Nachtfalke   Halls of Hel Following the Wanderer's Path W.T.C. Productions
5:41pm Fless   Chamber Of Lust And Flesh Volume I demo
Silberbach   Die Rache Naht Inferno Hammerbund
5:53pm Dreamcrusher   Mirror Katatonia Obsolete Units
5:56pm Japanese Torture Comedy Hour   Pollination Voltage Monster Desolation House