Roland Blunt

Monday 5 August 2019 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:06am Godspeed You Black Emperor!   Nervous, Sad, Poor... F#A#8 Constellation
6:27am Exhaust   This Is Our (Borrowed) Equip Exhaust Constellation
6:32am Stillpoint   Tract Maps Without Edges City of Tribes Records
6:48am Robert Rich/Brian Lustmord   Hidden Refuge Stalker Hearts of Space
6:58am Robert Rich/Brian Lustmord   Delusion Fields Stalker Hearts of Space
7:06am Fortner Anderson   August5 Solitary Pleasures &records
7:08am John Wiese   Synchronicity Seven of Wands Gilgongo Records
7:24am Shumoto   River/Dry Shumoto/Rambutan Lost Forest
7:33am Shumoto   The Dowser's Prayer Shumoto/Rambutan Lost Forest
7:43am Hubeblo   A Va Negave Geneva Hidden Temple
8:04am Ge Gan-Ru   III.Desolation Fall of Baghdad String Quartets Nos. 1, 4 and 5 Naxos
8:13am Phurnne   A To Love Lightly... Feeding Tube Records
8:36am Diamanda Galas   All The Way All The Way Intravenal Sound Operations
8:43am Mozzaleum   All Hallow's Eve Dark Ride Feeding Tube Records
8:48am Mozzaleum   Do Not Enter Dark Ride Feeding Tube Records
8:58am Radiosonde   Inhalants Meter Sickness Ground Fault
9:08am The Haters   Audiothecary (2009) Forti Influencing Machine
9:16am Nikolas Mohanna   Side A Smoke Aagoo Records
9:32am Remez, Nadav, Tyshawn Sorey, and Antonin Tri Hoang   Siksika ELK3 Out Now Recordings
9:39am Tom Djll   Zero Extension Failed Ecosystems Soul on Rice Productions
9:49am Mem1   Trieste {Tetra} Estuary Ltd.