Thursday 15 August 2019 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:04pm Jean Paul Sartre   Side C No Exit Caedmon
2:05pm Futuro Antico   garbage Dai Primitiv All'Elettronica Black Sweat Records
2:13pm Diamanda Galas   O Death All The Way Intravenal Sound Operations
2:18pm Alexander Turnquist   Cloud Slicing Flying Fantasy Western Vinyl
2:24pm Jesse Fuller   Crazy Waltz San Francisco Bay Blues Prestige Records Inc.
2:26pm Turn Me On Dead Man   Missing Time We Are The Star People Alternative Tentacles
2:31pm Psychic Mind   Dying Sun Penrose Stare Bandcamp
2:34pm Filthy Huns   Watch of The Bear Filthy Huns Not Not Fun Records
2:44pm Edible Woman   Magic and Ecstacy Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre Backwards
2:51pm Goat   Your Lucky Night Double Date Rocket Record Company
2:56pm Charles Ditto   World Anthem In Human Terms Telephone Explosion
3:05pm Stereolab   Narco Martenot Wow and Flutter Duophonic
3:08pm Mecca Normal   Don't Shoot Calico Kills the Cat K Records
3:16pm Nurse With Wound   Rock 'n Roll Station Rock 'n Roll Station Beta-Lactam Ring Records
3:22pm Sam Chatmon   Ashtray Taxi Sam Chatmon Interstate Music
3:27pm The Vanishing Voice   Nordic Visions Nordic Visions Gipsy Sphinx
3:44pm Yvan Etienne   Cinq Reflectances Inversees Twist Aposiopese
4:06pm Elvis Presley   Burning Love Gold Records V.5 RCA Records
4:13pm Godspeed You Black Emperor!   Nervous, Sad, Poor... F#A#8 Constellation
4:32pm The Hidden Island   Tradwinds Orchestra Hidden Island Epic
4:42pm Cass McCombs   Tourist Woman Prefection Monitor
4:46pm Elk's Whistle Hehaka Hotain   Intertribal Sing From The Heart...Sing For The People S/R Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
4:53pm Shumoto   River/Dry Shumoto/Rambutan Lost Forest
5:01pm Magilla Gorilla   Alice In Wonderland HBR
5:04pm Thomas Carnacki   Canessa Fantastique Museum of Lost Species, The Alethiometer
5:16pm Terror Danjah   Horror Story Power Grid Planet Mu
5:21pm Avery R. Young   Ms. Lee's Good Food Tubman. FPE Records
5:24pm The One   Pistolwhipped Superpsychosexy Om Records
5:36pm Pineal Ventana   The Screen Let Them Fuck Scuss
5:45pm John Wiese   Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve Seven of Wands Gilgongo Records