Buddy Love

Wednesday 18 September 2019 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00pm Peter Kalisch   Starvation Empty Mirror Obsolete Units
2:07pm Martha Copeland   Second-Hand Daddy Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vol. 2 RST Records
2:11pm Rogue Squares   Untitled 1 Rogue Squares Obsolete Units
2:15pm AMK   Untitled Side a AMK Plays Forti Self Release
2:20pm Junko/Masayoshi Urabe/Michel Henrizi   Track 3 Ecstasy of The Angels Opposite Records
2:33pm Jon Porras   Colors Passing Through Us Voices of The Air Ba Da Bing
2:41pm Blood of Chhinnamastika   Master Promise of Delusion Fusty Cunt
2:51pm Collin Gorman Weiland   Indenture & Stone - Mick Wills Edit In My Shattered Vase DKA Records
3:01pm Gerritt Wittmer   Tomorrow Isn't Coming Creation Stories Misanthropic Agenda
3:07pm Mummy Club   Money Jungle Nocturnal Nature Last Stab Records
3:12pm SOOT   Helian a General Theory of Tears Obsolete Units
3:16pm Pain Jerk   Gadget Bondage Pain Jerk / Skin Crime Self Abuse Records
3:22pm Disen Gage   Planets Nature Noname666
3:38pm Augustus "Gussie" Clarke   No, No, No Black Foundation Dub Gussie Records
3:42pm Xibalba Itzaes   Dawn of Endless Horrors Ah Tza Xibalba Itzaes Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:45pm PFL Feat. The Sangit Family   Nrsimha Stuti Dub Tantra Lounge Water Music
3:51pm Shumoto   The Dowser's Prayer Shumoto/Rambutan Lost Forest
4:01pm Grant Phabao   Andub Head Yudu Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Chapter One Guidance
4:08pm Eilen Jewell   Fear Gypsy Signature Sounds
4:12pm Unknown Artist   Untitled Track 2 Unknown Title Unknown
4:21pm Ramleh   Racial Violence Great Unlearning, The Nashazphone
4:32pm Bob Bell   3 Necropolis Telephone Explosion
4:37pm Yosefa   Orchestra Replies, The Desert Speaks, The EMI Hemisphere
4:42pm Keiko Higuchi   Okesa Bushi Seito: In The Beginning, Woman Was The Sun Akuphone
4:53pm The Speaking Canaries   Oh "those" Bridges Who Are The Shitbirds Playing? Chunklet
5:01pm Malignant   Purity Purity Through Putrefaction Maggot Stomp
5:04pm MZ.412   Lokastafr Ablaze With The Thorns of Death Svartmyrkr Cold Spring Records UK
5:11pm Paysage D'Hiver   Teil: Schritte Kerker Kunsthall Produktionen
5:23pm Bola   Evensong D.E.G. Skam Records
5:39pm Kriistal Ann   Deadly Insight Cultural Bleeding Wave Records
5:45pm Velocette   AM In D Changes In The Rhythm of Life Parallel Recordings, Ltd.
5:51pm Monarch   Diamant Noir Never Forever Profound Lore