Justin Outlier

Wednesday 13 November 2019 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Vox Pop   Just Like Your Mom More Drugs than Elvis Very Bad Trip
Negative Lifestyle   No Random Signals Panic Deranged Records
Total Abuse   The New Man Excluded Deranged Records
ennio morricone   molto mondo morricone
Fe-mail   The Vertical Pit of Machines Blixter Toad Asphodel
Marino Zuccheri   Parete 1967_1 Parete 1967 Per Emilio Vedova Die Schachtel
Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri   wk569
Indian Bingo   Vomit On Your Coffee Table Indian Bingo/Ambulance Independent Project
The Spies   Keeper of the Flame (electric) Battle of Bosworth Terrace, The Siltbreeze
Jac Berrocal   K.g.b./c.i.a. Fatal Encounters Megaphone Records
Aube   Whipsplash Quadrotation Self Abuse Records
richard teitelbaum and anthony braxton   time zones freedom
Eleh   Lo, Fr Ega Living Space Touch
jon gibson   visitations II new tone
Ruiz Del Pozo, Arturo   Parantara Composiciones Nativas Buh Records
Ulher/Mallozzi/Zerang   What About the Phoenicians? Landscape:Recognizable Creative Sources
Birgit Ulher/Ernesto Rodrigues/Carlos Santos   The Idle Class Doppelganger Creative Sources Recording
Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett   Track 17 Synth & Electronic Recording Exchanges, The Dandelion Records
Netjajev   Mermaid Cunt International Blast Fighter Comp Toture Garden Picture Company
Neanderthal   Neuter Fighting Music Slap a Ham
Brainbombs   Insects Stinking Memory / Insects Anthem Records
Omniphony I   fifth movement Dockstader/Zuccheri 1966 Cuneiform
Eliane Radigue   Elemental I: I. Air - Vent Jouet Electronique/Elemental I Alga Marghen
Kommunity FK   We Will Not Fall Vision and The Voice, The Mobilization
Bourbonese Qualk   Mystery Dance Laughing Afternoon Recloose Organisation
Thirteenth Chime   13th Victim Thirteenth Chime Sacred Bones Records
EEDIO   Hero Hero Device Recordings
Mr. Tiger   Get Out, Stay Out Get Out, Stay Out/Planet of The Apes Gold Watch Records
Masami Akita   9 Prosperity of Vice, The The Misfortune of Virtue IREC
Distance Machine   The More Severe The Initiation The More The Sacred The Dance Distance Machine Cloister Recordings
D.D.A.A.   The Sea It Laps at Transisto 5TH Anniversaire N/A
Marja Ahti   Coastal Inversion Vegetal Negatives Hallow Ground
Extended Organ VIbe   Vibe Extended Organ VIbe Important Records