Dominic Trix

Thursday 14 November 2019 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Raul Lovisoni/Francesco Messina   Hula Om Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo Superstar Viaduct
Psychic Enemies Network   Drawn Psychic Enemies Network Psychic Enemies Network
Hydroponics   Heavenly Dub Dubs From The Growing Room Dubhead
De Bons En Pierre   Ebmeme EP No. 2 Dark Entries
L.A. Drugs   High School L.A. Drugs Twisted Village
Yajaira   La Serpiente Antigua Lento Y Real Bym
Icons of Filth   Your Military Not On Her Majestys Service Self Produced
Crass   First Woman Christ the Album Crass Records
Disorder   Complete Disorder Punk and Disorderly Posh Boy
Prettiest Eyes   It Cost's to Be Austere Volume 3 Castle Face Records
Courtis/Russell/Prevost/Mattin   Side B Sakada Sessions, The Azul Discografica
Eliane Radigue   Elemental I: I. Air - Vent Jouet Electronique/Elemental I Alga Marghen
La Femme   From Tchernobyl With Love Psycho Tropical Berlin Born Bad
Dustbreeders and Junko   Live at La Malterie Lille Mommy Close the Door Starlight Furniture Co.
New Order   Confused Beats Confusion Streetwise Records Ltd.
Killer Bug   Steaming Gash Beyond The Valley of The Tapes Troniks
Musicians of The Nile   Walla Zaman Charcoal Gypsies Realworld
Merrell Fankhauser & H. M. S. Bounty   A Visit With Ashiya Things Guerssen
Iron Crown   Of the Blood Before The Void Dark Side of Zen
Rip Hayman   Part One Dreams of India & China Recital Fifty Nine
Novy Svet   Days Will Come ...into Your Skies Reue Um Reue
Erek Gita   Acid Momma & The Japanese Potters Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig, The Psychochrist
Kit Builders   E Vox Girls On Stage Electrecord
Francois Bonnet & O'Malley   Des pas dans les cendres Cylene Editions Mego
Drowse   Physical World Light Mirror Flenser
Armagedda   Dopt i oheligt vatten Ond Spiritism Nordvis Produktion