Thothgrieving Coffins for All

Thursday 28 November 2019 7:01pm to 6:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Cy Thoth   Firebunker - post Fundraiser 2009
7:12pm Black Boned Angel   Prayer Sodden Holes Verdun Riot Season
7:32pm Grave In The Sky   The Descent Cutlery Hits China: English For The Hearing Impaired Heart and Crossbones Records
7:42pm Burroughs, William S.   A Thanksgiving Prayer Dead City Radio Island Records
7:45pm Burroughs, William S.   Naked Lunch Excerpts/Dinner Dead City Radio Island Records
7:49pm Chavez, Maria   Plays (Stefan Goldmann's Ghost Hemiola) Plays (Stefan Goldmann's Ghost Hemiola) Macro Records
7:49pm Venowl   Snowbed Jute Gyte / Venowl Black Horizons
8:10pm Anatomia   Eternally Forgotten Decaying In Obscurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:10pm Greif, Randy   Who Are You? Alice in Wonderland Part 2 Soleilmoon Recordings
8:13pm Dipygus   Dipygus MMXV Aural Films
8:32pm Reverend Bizarre   Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover) Harbinger of Metal Svart Records
8:32pm Ludicra   In Stable Tenant,The Profound Lore Records
8:38pm Saint Vitus   Fear C.O.D. Nuclear Blast America
8:43pm Greif, Randy   A Handsome Pig Alice in Wonderland Part 3 Soleilmoon Recordings
8:44pm Dispirit   Odylic Void Separation PIAS
8:46pm Lycus   Engravings Tempest 20 Buck Spin
8:57pm Embers   Forsaken Shadows ICONOCLAST
9:05pm Expo 70   Mind Echo Unit Black Ohms Beta-Lactam Ring Records
9:07pm Pulse Emitter   Longing Thresholds 1 Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis Metal Postcard
9:19pm Eyehategod   Dixie Whiskey Dopesick Century Media
9:19pm Grief   Rhinoceros Dismal Grievance Records
9:26pm Monstrosity   Devious Instinct Millennium Conquest Music, Inc.
9:31pm Samael   Macabre Operetta Blood Ritual Century Media
9:37pm Candlemass   Gothic Stone Nightfall Hymen Records
9:45pm Burning Witch   Sea Hag Towers... Slap a Ham
10:02pm Forgotten Woods   Winterly Battle Over Northland Through The Woods No Colours
10:09pm Svetovid   Battle's Twilight Nature's Fury Werewolf Promotion
10:14pm Epheles   Le deuil des innocents Le Dernier Pardon Self-Released
10:23pm Uruk-Hai   Minas Morgul Dragons of War Dragon's Breath
10:27pm Sacrificia Mortuorum   Nomen Vetustate Abolevit Damnatorium Ferrum Apparitia Recordings
10:34pm Suhnopfer   Nos Sombres Chapelles Nos Sombres Chapelles Those Opposed
10:40pm Imago Mortis   Mors Triumphalis (Religio Mortis) Mors Triumphalis Drakkar Productions
10:48pm Vouivre   Paris Cadavre Au gouffre La Mesnie Herlequin
10:55pm Terrorama   Hibernation Horrid Efface Nuclear Warn Now! Productions
11:04pm Nyogthaeblisz   Daemonic Singularity: Annihilating Frequency Apex Satanist Iron Bonehead Productions
11:05pm Plague Phalanx   Eradication of Orthodoxy Iniquitous Eugenics Self-Released
11:08pm Cadaver   Evil Is Done Necrosis Candlelight
11:13pm Incantation   Blaspheme The Sacraments Decimate Christendom Listenable
11:19pm Vasaeleth   Gateway to the Cemetery of Being Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin Profound Lore
11:22pm Immolation   I Feel Nothing Here In After Metal Blade
11:27pm Agoraphobic Nosebleed   Kill Theme From American Apeshit Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope Relapse
11:28pm Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis   Screams Clinially by Genitourinarims Orgasm split with Butcher ABC American Line Productions
11:32pm MPG   Magic Johnson Got The Good AIDS ...and The Loser Still Is.../Untitled Roedel Records
11:34pm In Flames   December Flower The Jester Race Nuclear Blast
11:36pm Nortt   Tilforn tid Ligfaerd Red Stream, Inc.
11:49pm Keep of Kalessin   I Deny Agnen - A Journey Through the Dark Soyuz Music
11:54pm NDE   Krieg Blut Ehre Asche VII Krieg Blut Ehre Asche Cold Spring
12:02am Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult   To Necromancy Hora Nocturna Self-released
12:10am Horna   Sudentaival Sudentaival Woodcut Records
12:13am Marduk   Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler) Nightwing Osmose Productions
12:16am Old Wainds   Winter Warriors Where the Snows Are Never Gone... Negative Existence
12:22am Mortifier   From the Absu Darkness My Eternal Bride Natura Morta Edizioni
12:28am Bloodhammer   666 Maniacs Abbedissan saatanalliset houreet Northern Heritage
12:32am Diaboli   Totaalituho Towards Damnation Full Moon Productions
12:38am Spite Extreme Wing   In su la vetta Non Dvcor, Dvco Behemoth Productions
12:46am Horrible Porn   Disgrace To The Corpse of Jamie Bulger (Blue Humbrol Mix) Outrage Gimp Gash
1:02am Haters, The   Totimorphous Ubiety Guide (2019) Forti Influencing Machine
1:05am Black Fucking Cancer   Summoning Aural Hell Summoning Aural Hell Self-release
1:13am Haters, The   Untitled Title Shot (1999) Forti Influencing Machine
1:27am Burial Hex   Act Aeon Burial Hex / Iron Fist of The Sun Cold Spring Records UK
1:33am Bacillus   Dying At The Hospital Door Out of Control No Rent Records
1:40am Burial Hex   The Coming of War Burial Hex / Iron Fist of The Sun Cold Spring Records UK
1:44am Nordlicht   Fuur Rouch Ruass Nordlicht/Paysage D'Hiver Kunsthall Produktionen
2:00am Coward   A Shitheel Idiopathic Records
2:05am Gwoid   Lunar Unfoldings I IV / V / VI / VII Forbidden Sonority
2:22am K11   300 = TAU Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D. Actual Noise
2:29am Valley of Fear   Serpent's Trail s/t Legion Blotan
2:33am Dante   Canto I Inferno, The Folkways Records and Service Corp.
2:45am Fushitsusha   My Precious Thing Time Is Nigh, the Tokuma Japan Communicatio
2:46am Vargr   Do What We Say Northern Black Supremacy 20 Buck Spin
2:49am Fantomas   Delirium Cordia Delirium Cordia Ipecac
3:07am Burroughs, William S.   No More Stalins No More Hitlers Dead City Radio Island Records
3:07am Burroughs, William S.   The Sermon on the Mount 2 Dead City Radio Island Records
3:08am Trollheim   Sumpfe Der Verzweiflung Im Heidenwald Elfgards & Ensomhet CW Productions
3:20am Graveside Service   Masters of Lunacy Masters of Lunacy
3:25am Austrasian Goat   Voice of Aenima Stains of Resignation Music Fear Satan
3:33am Subduxtion   The Ancients Black Point, The Aagoo Records
3:35am Panicsville   At The Shore (Cthulhu Rising Mix) Brain In The Cat / Stunts Nihilist Records
3:48am Coven   Satanic Mass Witchcraft
3:59am Novy Svet   Always On My Mind ...into Your Skies Reue Um Reue
4:01am Ukiyo   Kagami Ukiyo Hyperium
4:06am Coven   Pact with Lucifer Witchcraft Mercury
4:11am Luftwaffe   Little Black Angel Dissension
4:12am Electric Wizard   Patterns of Evil Black Masses Metal Blade Records
4:26am Winter   Destiny Into Darkness Future Shock
4:27am Khlyst   VII Chaos Is My Name Hydra Head Records
4:31am Stumm   Biting the Hand that Feeds s/t Blind Date
4:44am Flooded Church of Asmodeus   Vampire Epidemic II Satan's Punishment: The Ultamatum Bestial Burst
4:51am Lamort   Rat Creve Purge Heart & Crossbone
5:00am Urfaust   untitled track 0ne Drei Rituale jenseits des Kosmos Debemur Morti
5:08am Undergang   Det Gor Kun Ondt Til Du Dor Doden Leger Alle Sar Dark Descent
5:16am Disembowelment   Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
5:27am Eyehategod   Take As Needed for Pain Take As Needed for Pain Century Media
5:29am Gallhammer   Hallucination Dawn of Gallhammer, The Peaceville Records
5:45am Monarch   Sabbat Noir part 1 Sabbat Noir Zanjeer Zani Productions
5:49am Thrones   Wage War Wage War B/w Trmph Lfe Conspiracy Records
5:50am Wijlen Wij   Wijlen Wij s/t Aesthetic Death
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