Teachers AIDS

Saturday 21 December 2019 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02am Flooded Church of Asmodeus   Honor of the Faithful / Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum Bestial Burst
2:04am Immatura Morte   Anima Vetus Intolerabili Dolore Immatura Morte / Sanguine Relic Perverse Homage
2:09am Pino Donaggio   Shapeshifters Howling Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Waxwork
2:16am Nuit Noire   Quand La Nuit Tombe Inner Light Seed Stock Records
2:20am Occelensbrigg   Glacial Kingdom Stands Still Old Winters Yet to Come Harvest of Death
2:25am Charles Wuorinen   part one Time's Encomium Nonesuch Records
2:25am Armagedda   Afgrundsvisioner Ond Spiritism Nordvis Produktion
2:37am Ophidian Forest   Messiah of the Trees Plains Favonian
2:43am Paul Metzger   VI Plays The Uses of Infinity Locust Music
2:47am Moujahidine   Nimcha The Throat
2:51am Akitsa   Pendaison de l'humanite Goetie Heavy Distortion
2:58am Blackdeath   Sun is Setting in the North Chronicles of Hellish Circles Hammer of Damnation
3:02am Negativland   Either Or True False Seeland
Black Doctor Shitburgers   Yuppy Indentured Servant WKUK
3:04am Deathspawned Destroyer   Last Man Standing War Blood Massacre Bestial Burst
3:11am The Flayed Choirmaster   Please Understand Walking Case Study Pet Goat Records, The
3:15am Numb   Frantic Christmeister New Rose
3:19am Archgoat   Jezebel's Black Mass Orgy Luciferian Crown, The Debemur Morti
3:24am Drums Over Afghanistan   a Pashtun War Song Drums Over Afghanistan Tempo
3:24am Alienator   Dead Inside Pariahs Self-release
3:29am Hazzard's Cure   The Body Amorphous The Ugly Lummox / Old Goat
3:35am Encoffinized   Interdimensional Abomination Chambers of Deprivation Maggot Stomp
3:42am Goreaphobia   Demented Omen of Masochism Vile Beast of Abomination Necroharmonic Productions
3:45am Obituary   Slowly We Rot Slowly We Rot Roadracer
3:48am Complot!   Ultime Chatment Confrontation Forbidden Sonority
3:52am Wagner Odegard   Fulkommen / Osinnogher Om Undergang och de Tretton Jartekn
3:55am Abigail   Metal Bitch Inferno Abigail / Compulsion to Kill Repulsified Maggots Records
3:59am Trouble   Psalm 9 Psalm 9 Metal Blade
4:03am Candlemass   Astorolus - The Great Octopus The Door to Doom Napalm records
4:12am Primitive Music of Africa   Circumcision Rituals Primitive Music of Africa Mainstream Records
Abruptum   Honores Vultus Mutares Ex Aeris Campi Evil Genius Southern Lord
4:16am Floor   Iommi Fuck You. For Now. (from Below and Beyond) Robotic
4:23am Smoulder   Ilian of Garathorm Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring Cruz del Sur Music
4:26am Evoken   In Pestilence Burning Quietus Dwell Records
4:35am Fvneral Fvkk   Erection In The House of God Lecherous Liturgies Bleeding Heart Nihilist
4:43am Bafus/Brewer/Raskin   Hornets Hornets / Queasy Lather Records
4:45am Shape of Despair   Down into the Stream Alone in the Mist Season of Mist
4:51am The Fallen   Dimensions that Drown Your Being Drowned in the Unknown Meaning of Life and Death From the Grave
5:00am Our Label is Run by Homos   This is Our Way of Cumming Out WKUK
5:05am NRIII   Stand Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
5:08am NRIII   The Vultures of Bones Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
5:13am Masonna   Untitled Track 9 Freak-out Electrolyze Nanophonica
5:16am Evil Moisture/Olympic Shit Man   Untitled Carnal Hostess Halitosis, Live Run In Storialpolis Greece Dolor Del Estamago
5:18am Dumpster Diver   Hearing You Screaming Dumpster Diver / HxAxSx Nutzz Recordzz
Dumpster Diver   Wanna Rape America? Fly Covered Shit Demo Nutzz Recordzz
5:26am Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe   Pt 1 Paraparaparallelogrammatica Beta-Lactam Ring Records
5:33am Ill Bill and Stu Bangas   Green Sabbath / Russo's On The Bay (feat. Vinnie Paz) Cannibal Hulk Uncle Howie
5:37am Subduxtion   The Black Point Black Point, The Aagoo Records
5:41am Sermon of Flames   He Is Not In a Better Place Herald of The Untruth Forbidden Sonority
5:52am Obsidian Needles   Good Girls Go to Heaven Bad Girls Go Everywhere, Honey Every Angel Is Terrifying Self Released