Thursday 30 January 2020 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Miles Davis   The Ghetto Walk Early Minor Sony Music/Columbia
10:06pm Big City Orchestra   Grass 2 Grass Sick Muse
10:08pm Masayuki Takayanagi   Inanimate Nature 4 Inanimate Nature Jinya
10:24pm Cannon   All The Guest Stars on Cannon Cannon S/R
10:28pm Aditi Tahiti   4 minutes of running Time Canvas, The Majmua Music
10:32pm Hevoset   Untitled (8) Hevoset Dekorder
10:39pm Ueno Takashi   Smoke Under the Water 7 Smoke Under the Water Room 40
10:49pm Steven Hess/Miles Tilmann   Cascade Departures Other-electricities
10:52pm Inoyama Land   Ougon No Sara Commissions: 1977-2000 Empire of Signs
10:57pm Jimmy "Duck" Holmes   Gonna Get Old Someday Cypress Grove Easy Eye Sound
11:01pm Strafe F.R.   Shadow Position Shadow Position Touch
11:05pm Hertta Lussu Assa   Juicy Bones Hertta Lussu Assa De Stijl Records
11:15pm Seba Kaapstad   Heckman Thina Mello Music Group
11:17pm B.C Gilbert & G Lewis   R 8 Time 4AD
11:18pm Dan Gibson   Ocean Surf In a Hidden Cove Solitudes Vol. 2: The Sound of The Surf Dan Gilbert Productions
11:25pm Taeter   Fairy Doll Absolut Nothing Trash Ritual
11:31pm Big Dipper   The Beast Beast/Approach of a Human, the Feel Good All Over
11:33pm Bunnybrains   Excerpt From the Ghost.... Death By Blowjob MCA
11:38pm Big Hair   Spud Pee on Yer Face N/A
11:42pm Saariselka   Void Ground Our Sky, The Temporary Residence Ltd.
11:46pm Soft Shoulder   Thin Red Straw (High Tension) Aerosol Can Stand Gilgongo Records
11:51pm Deathreat   Ground Zero Deathreat/Talk Is Pois Prank
11:53pm Tanya Tagaq   Sulpher Retribution Six Shooter Records
11:55pm Yuji Takahashi   Fourth Interlude Plays John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes Vol. 1 Fylkingen Records
11:58pm Pierre Henry   After Death 1 Le Voyage Mercury Records
12:08am Alexis Gideon   Birth Upgrade Soul FPE Records
12:13am Les Filles De Illighadad   Tende Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni Sahelsounds
12:31am Sarah Hennies   Embedded Environments Embedded Environments Blume
12:52am Cosey Fanni Tutti   En Tutti Conspiracy International
12:55am Frank Luther   Manners Can Be Fun Part I Songs of Safety The Decca Record Co.
12:57am Tv.Out   Product of My Environment From Dusk Till Dawn Dark Entries
1:01am Aoki Takamasa   Rhythm Variation - 05 RV8 Raster-Noton
1:03am Sylvette Allart/Theodore Parasquive   L'Oiseau De Java De L'onde a L'infini Dompierre
1:06am Simon Henneman   Allegro Black Magic & Moustache Assophon
1:16am Rechenzentrum   Nelson Reshoot Director's Cut Mille Plateaux
1:23am Marek Hemmann   Junoka Junoka EP Freude am Tanzen
1:30am Bellafea   Stranger Des_Ark/Bellafea Exotic Fever Records
1:34am Helm   Above All and Beyond Impossible Symmetry Pan
1:40am Holly Herndon   Unequal Platform 4AD / Beggars Group
1:46am Bilge Seaweed Orcastrua   Emporium Salty Sea Shanties UBUIBI
1:46am Thomas Dimuzio   Upper Haight Sutro Transmissions Resipiscent Records