Teachers AIDS

Saturday 15 February 2020 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03am Crank Sturgeon   Scobtt Crank Sturgeon/Ginger Cortes Blistered Mind
2:21am Bejel   Apex Filth Apex Filth Forbidden Sonority
2:25am Kult Ofenzivy   Co jest lidsky? Hslam van nadkolveka Radkikalni Ateismus Old Library Records
2:27am Armagedda   For I Am His Slave Only True Believers Drakkar Productions
2:36am Albionic Hermeticism   AA Moete Hermes Ancient Hermetic Purity Signal Rex
2:42am Sarah Page   Pleiades Dose Curves Backward Music
2:44am Oreida   Blindir Oreida / Holocausto em Chamas Harvest of Death
2:53am Wrath of The Weak   The Thunderstorm Wrath of The Weak Bastardised Records
3:01am Yellow Eyes   No Dust Rare Field Ceiling Gilead Media
3:10am Dodheimsgard   Horrorizon Supervillain Outcast Moonfog
3:15am Ved Buens Ende   I Sang For The Swans Written In Waters Candlelight USA
3:23am Satyricon   Tied in Bronze Chains Rebel Extravaganza Nuclear Blast
3:35am Alghazanth   Facing the North Eight Coffin Nails Woodcut
3:39am Thyrane   Black Harmony Thyrane / Dead Beginners Spikefarm
3:47am Fhtagn   The Chase Pussification: Compilation of Experimental Cat Music No Part of It
3:51am Martyrvore   Death Hammer Litanies Of Sacrilege Calabozo
3:53am Vlad Tepes   War Funeral March In The Grey Mist of a Full Moon Night Black Legion Spirits Unholy Penis Productions
3:59am Wolfsmond   Wilde Jagd Tormenting Legends Part II Blut & Eisen / World Terror
4:05am 1349   Manifest Liberation
4:09am Valtakunta   Luinen Portti Valtakunta Bestial Burst
4:18am G*Park   Alles Ist Im Fluss Die Pure Alchemie (Edit) On Corrosion Helen Scarsdale Agency
4:21am Lucifugum   Zhalo Slomaju Tuskloj Vojny Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism Blackmetal.com
4:27am Black Cilice   Boiling Corpses Banished From Time Iron Bonehead
4:33am Sutekh   Period 1 Periods.Make.Sense. Force Inc.
4:40am Luror   Miasmal Dust of Hell Tormenting Legends Part II
4:45am Monarque   Ces Immondices Ad nauseum Sepulchral
4:50am Varathron   Into the Absurd Patriarchs of Evil Agonia
4:54am Violation Wound   The Church of Go Fuck Yourself Violation Wound/ Cliterati Tank Crimes
4:57am Demonomancy   Nefarious Spawn Of Methodical Chaos Poisoned Atonement Invictus
5:04am Primordial   To Hell or the Hangman Exile Amongst the Ruins Metal Blade
5:12am Alter Echo & E3 Meet Headland & Kenrick, Diggory   Temple Duel Temple Duel Khaliphonic
5:15am St. Hugh, William   Star Slicer Saturnus Aural Films
5:35am Start Trek sound effects   Enterprose Phasers Firing Start Trek sound effects Crescendo
5:36am Cold Cave/Prurient   Gravitys Victory Stars Explode Hospital Productions
5:42am J. Peterson   7471 Crosswood Boulevard/View From The Car Refusal Wonderland Media