Wednesday 19 February 2020 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Animaniacs (soundtrack)   The Hello Song Yakko's World Warner Bros.
What National Day?   Eyelashes, Vet Girls Day
10:06pm Ken Nordine/Robert Shure   Eyelashes Wink Asphodel
10:07pm Boom Bip   Eyelashings Blue Eyed in the Red Room Lex Records
10:16pm Willie Nelson   Vote 'Em Out
10:18pm YelloPain   My Vote Don't Count
10:24pm Macka B   One Man One Vote Roots Ragga Ras Records
10:28pm Sunnyland Slim   Be Careful How You Vote Be Careful How You Vote Earwig Music Co
10:32pm Venetian Snares   Can't Vote For Yourself V1 Traditional Synthesizer Music Timesig/Planet Mu Records Ltd.
10:36pm Drag King   Rocke the Vote Rock the Vote Destroy All Music
10:38pm Monkey 101   The Man Who Sells His Votes First I Walk... Papa Popov Records
10:43pm The Young Destroyers   Cast the Votes (Like Stones) Young Destroyers, the X-Mas Records
10:45pm Harry Partch   A Lost Political Soul Finds Himself Among the Voteless Women Bewitched, The New World Records
10:51pm Scalplock   Sympathy Vote On Whose Terms? Sound Pollution
10:52pm The Bran Flakes   Kitty Takes a Ride (Kitty Mix Up) Tipsy Remix Party Asphodel
10:55pm Don Ho   Tiny Bubbles/Pearly Shells Hawaiian 30 Favorites Suffolk Marketing Inc.
11:00pm Nightmares On Wax   Fishtail Parker We Are Reasonable People Warp Records Ltd
11:05pm Fat Worm of Error   Wolves Nzznzzzznnznznnn Feeding Tube Records
11:14pm Guy J and Sahar Z   Hazui (Gui Boratto Remix) Slater, Luke Fabric 32 Fabric Records
11:16pm Die Antwoord   Wat Kyk Jy? 5 Cherry Tree Records
11:23pm Space Debris   Lornas Vibrator Into The Sun-Live 2006 Burg Herzberg Festival Bandcamp
11:42pm S.E.T.I.   Revelation Above Black Ash International
Mini Mutations   Meow Meow Black Pussification: Compilation of Experimental Cat Music No Part of It
12:11am Talk Talk   New Grass Laughing Stock Polydor
12:22am Felipe Araya   No Punata (Chile) Punata eh?
12:50am Land of Kush   Broken Maqams Sand Enigma Constellation Records
1:03am Tapes and Topographies   Waterbury Clock Company Ubiquitous Clouds Simulacra Records
1:07am Oingo Boingo   Nasty Habits Only a Lad A&M Records
1:14am Zero   Gregg's Egg's Nothin' Goes Here
1:23am Surfer Joe   Batman Play The Astronauts & More, The Surfer Joe Music
1:25am Blood Incantation   The Giza Power Plant Hidden History of The Human Race Dark Descent Records
1:32am Ose   29 H 08 Mn Adonia Egg Records
1:42am Quintron   Sonny's Speedboat Erotomania Mind Meld
1:47am Tyler Baum   Diatomaceous Earth Thrift Store Shampoo Self Release
1:48am Kevin Drumm   a Blind Spot Inexplicable Hours Sonoris