Teachers AIDS

Saturday 9 May 2020 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Usva   Noitaloitsun Haltija Lost Tapes of Bestial Burst Bestial Burst
3:04pm Goathex   Demonaltric Onslaught Final Impalement of Mankind - Demonstration II Forbidden Sonority
3:06pm Arkha Sva   Bringer Of Hate Plague Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) Those Opposed
3:11pm Demoncy   Commencement of The Dark Crusades Within The Sylvan Realms of Frost Sombre Records
3:18pm Dub Specialists   Ice Cream Man Dub to Dub Beat to Beat Vol. 2 Crispy Music
3:19pm Blodulv   Saint For Raping III - Burial Eerie Art Records
3:27pm Lord Time   A Destiny of Death II A Destiny of Death Universal Consciousness
3:46pm Dressed In Streams   2 April 1941 (Berlin) Azad Hind Colloquial Sound Recordings
3:57pm Wolfestandarte   sanitarical truth fields unseen Hammer of Damnation
4:01pm Drudkh   Eternal Circle Eternal Turn of the Wheel Season of Mist
4:02pm Drudkh   Breath of Cold Black Soil (March) Eternal Turn of the Wheel Season of Mist
4:12pm Roots Radics   Dub In Flames 12 Inches of Dub Greensleeves Records Ltd.
4:14pm Brown Jenkins   Breathless Death Obsession Moribund Cult
4:23pm Rotting Christ   Lok'tar Ogar Rituals Season of Mist
4:28pm Argentinum Astrum   III Malleus Maleficarum Forcefield Records
4:33pm Black Goat   Skull Fucker Black Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:36pm Heinous   Temple's Fall New Era
4:40pm Goatpenis   Hallucinatory Sirens Anesthetic Vapor Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:46pm Antoinette Konan   Kokoloko Tani Antoinette Konan Awesome Tapes From Africa
4:46pm Mortuus   disobedience Grape of The Vine Ajna Offensive
4:55pm Pest   Buried Buried NWN!
5:02pm Goatlord   Unholy Black Slut Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:13pm Akasha   Fuck the Sun Consuming the Soul Les Fleurs du Mal
5:13pm Shabaka and The Ancestors   Nguni Wisdom of The Elders Brownswood Recordings
5:14pm Crisis   Alienation BBC Recordings
5:17pm Countdown to Oblivion   The Way It Is Brain Surgery for Beginners Deranged Records
xGRIFOx   lmpbmskm[ofg Chancho/xGRIFOx DESTRUKTOMUZIK
5:21pm Corn on Macabre   Trojan Clown Punk Is Undead Magic Bullet Record Compy
5:26pm Deterioration   Ipecac Sneak Attack The Unnatural Mind
5:37pm Livid   Life Is Shit Life Is Pain Life Is Shit No Time Records
5:42pm Column of Heaven   How Glorious This Hour Holy Things Are For The Holy Iron Lung Records
5:43pm Deadpressure   United Waste Deadpressure Carbonized
5:48pm Funeral Leech   Downpour Death Meditation Carbonized
5:55pm Necrosic   Vomit Transmutation Putrid Decimation Nuclear War Now! Productions