Teachers AIDS

Wednesday 14 October 2020 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:09pm The Exhumanations   Untitled B Side Organ Harvestings 1-10 Chondritic Sound
2:35pm Darksmith   Shared Empty Space Total Vacuum Hanson Records
Kill Me Tomorrow   Rats for Sale I Require Chocolate/Rats for E GSL Records
2:42pm Sun Ra   Untitled Keyboard Solo 1 Cage, John Meets Sun Ra - The Complete Concert 1986 Modern Harmonic
Vincent Price   Welcoming the Human Race to the Monster Club Monster club
2:59pm Hobo Sonn   One Fool, Two Follies Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 23 KFJC
3:01pm Meryl Streep   Yorkie I am Pregnant Shitload / Meryl Streep Imploding Sounds
3:08pm Crack We Are Rock   Our Friend Sisyphus Cosmic Mind Flight Tigerbeat 6
3:11pm Clock of Time   Funny Farm Pestilent Planet Static Shock
Coil/The New Blockaders/Vortex Campaign   untitled track 4 The Melancholy Mad Tenant Infinite Fog
3:21pm Gravecoven   The Ecstasy of Hatred Coughing Blood Transylvanian Tapes
3:33pm Mortuous   Among The Lost Among The Lost/ Mors Immortalis Carbonized
3:36pm Candlemass   Demon's Gate Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Peaceville Records
3:49pm Sabbath Assembly   Exit Ye Are Gods Svart Records
3:55pm Vulgarity Kids   Today You Die Vulgarity Kids F.O.A.D. Records
3:57pm MoSS   Day & Night Marching to The Sound of My Own Drum Moss Appeal
4:06pm Desperdicio   E.R.D.U.C.S.R, Boy Tears, etc
Post Mortem Klinik   HUMAN/FILTH VI Human / Filth Distorted Press
4:13pm Striations   From My Cold Dead Hands Cadavers' Holding Knives Nefarious Activities
4:14pm Streetmeat   The Whore With No Teeth Cadavers' Holding Knives Nefarious Activities
4:18pm Bagman   Necrophilia Cadavers' Holding Knives Nefarious Activities
4:25pm Coil   Spastiche (Basic) Swanyard Infinite Fog
4:38pm Bumble Bee Slim   Cold Blooded Murder - No. 2 Bumble Bee Slim 1934-1937 Wolf Records
Deterge   Frustation (For Her) United States Bestial Forces
4:57pm Iron Fist of The Sun   Smile Like Sword Live At The Garage 2011 Cold Spring Records UK
5:02pm Jason Crumer and DJ EOF   Absolute Class War
5:10pm Jana Irmert   FLOOD Pt. 1 (standing on breaking ice) Flood Fabrique
5:21pm Human Guilt   39 17'25.4'' N 76 36'43.9'' W Coordinates No Rent Records
5:30pm Bishop, Sir Richard & Yazijian, Ed   B1 Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian Unrock
5:54pm Saba Alizadeh   Scattered Memories Scattered Memories Karlrecords